Yay or Nay?

WOULD YOU WEAR WHITE DENIM IN THE SPRING TIME? (usually a no-no in the Northeast but I’m seeing it every-where lately). These girls look pretty chic to me.
p.s. one of my readers asked if they were French. I’m not sure, but they look pretty European to me!

26 thoughts on “Yay or Nay?”

  1. Yes! I think the old rules about white before labor day are…well…old. I agree, they look chic and put together. Now white shoes are another story!

  2. I, too, am in the Northeast (far North) and am not sure white jeans would look appropriate only because Spring comes so late here. Are those girls French? They look it, and they do look good.

  3. I know it's considered passé to wait until after Memorial Day nowadays, but I can't bring myself to do it! I guess I'm lame.

  4. Being from CT, I never wore white before Easter/after labor day…but having gone to school at Tulane in New Orleans, it's too hot to wait until Easter (you can hardly wear pants all summer, let alone jeans)…so I wear white jeans when the weather gets warmer than 65 degrees…thats my "white jean rule!"

  5. 65 degrees.. I like that white jean rule. I would have to agree on the white shoes though. It's rare to find white shoes that I would even wear but I would never wear them before Memorial Day. (that was always sort of the rule in Boston.)

  6. I surely would and have. About 2 weeks ago when it was near 80 degrees. For me it's not about the time of year it's about the weather. I wouldn't wear white bottoms on a rainy summer day. But a beautiful warm one, yes.In winter, I'll wear winter white.

  7. Our rule in Alabama is usually white pants are ok Easter thru Labor Day, although it is a pretty loose rule. When it's 80 degrees in MARCH its hard to deny wearing some of those spring clothes. I wouldn't think twice about seeing white jeans in the Spring down here, but I can imagine it seeming odd farther north.

  8. I would do it. Pre-summer white jean wear I feel totally comfortable with. Post-summer white jean… still feeling the old-fashioned rule on that one.

  9. In the South those rules are serious. Eyebrows go up fast if white shoes are worn before Easter or after Labor Day. White jeans are a completely different thing, though, and they are everywhere on everyone.

  10. I have to say that, besides season, one's physique should probably enter into it. Those girls are built like models. Those of us with more generous thighs might not look as chic.

  11. Yay. Aside from "the rules" being antiquated, such things should be driven by weather, not the date. With the warm winter we've been having on the East Coast, I say "Bring on the white jeans!"

  12. Yes!! In fact I wore winter white cords yesterday. I think it is in the styling; these girls look great!

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  13. Ok, so it's an overwhelming YAY!

    Okay, the reader was spot on, they are french beauties. And thirdly I think if you try on enough pairs of white jeans you can find a great fit for any size. Embrace the body you have, MOST women aren't super model skinny. I'm certainly not. 🙂
    And I usually try on ten pairs of white jeans before I find the "right" pair for me.


  14. i think year round white jeans can look great…think fall colored chunky sweaters with boots in the fall/winter. but i have yet to find a pair that looks good on me.

  15. Julie,
    I am a little late commenting on this. I think white jeans are different than white pants. I love how these girls look. I think if you pair them with things like grey or navy sweaters and boots, they can look appropriate for now. Vogue editor, Tonne Goodman is famous for wearing her white jeans year-round. Guess one just needs the confidence to do it!


  16. Emmanuelle Alt (left), an editor at Vogue France and her assistant editor, Geraldine Saglio.

    I would wear white jeans if I had their legs. Sadly, I do not. Dark denim for me. Year round.

  17. Yay! Maybe its just a no brainer in the south but i grew up in virginia and spent the last ten years in Charleston and Pawleys and wouldnt dream of waiting until summer. White jeans are a spring item down there where its too hot to wear them after labor day!

  18. Ha! Love this!! I live just outside of DC and have been counting down the days til I can pull out the white jeans!! My wear white rule is Easter…and guess what I have on today!!! This Spring has been quite warm an I was sooo tempted to pull them out when it was mid-March and 80 degrees!!

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