Wish List – little leather jacket

This post will definitely seem random and unseasonable if you live anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line. I decided this weekend, I need a leather biker jacket, specifically a leather biker jacket with quilted sleeves. It’s the perfect Spring piece if you live in Boston or NYC. Winter is far too cold to wear leather here. It was 40 today, and 50 all weekend, the perfect temp. for a little black biker jkt. if you ask me. The jacket in the first two images is PERFECTION. It’s by Balenciaga and is sadly way out of my “snack bracket”. (If Balenciaga feels like shipping one over for free, I’ll take it and promise to post an array of looks in it! 😉 – dreaming here obviously). Luckily there are some knock offs available. I guess I’ll start saving now, maybe I can purchase one this Fall or with any luck at 50% off this June! The thing I love most about leather jackets is a. you feel like a rock star in them and b. they pair with almost anything. It adds the perfect edge to classic looks and works like a dream with jeans, boots, flats, skirts etc. etc. etc.
I’d wear my little leather like this and the image above. Love it!
From left to right: 1. Gucci, nylon version by Top Shop, Gucci,  All Saints – Rally jacket ($650)

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  1. Try looking at sites that sell actual motorcycle jackets. I ride, but I have jackets that look just like some you showed (nothing like the Balenciaga, sadly), and I think the price point can be less than "fashion" leather jackets.


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