Winter Wonderland

Welcome Home! Seriously? can you imagine? I am sure this place is going to be ALL over blog land but just feast your eyes on this haven. It’s a vacation home none the less of the mother – daughter design trio M Elle Design.  Everything about this “rustic – chic” enclave is perfection, right down to the plaid on those benches {above}.  This home beautifully combines rustic elements with the right amount of “not too cutesy”warm + cozy. It’s so inviting without being too back woods of Idaho overdone! I love it, and would be happy living in 1/4 of the space ALL THE TIME! Nice job ladies… 

Images: Elle Decor, Photos: Miguel Flores-Vianna. Other images: MElledesign

14 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland”

  1. This home is ridiculous beautiful! I love the super glamorous pieces like the tufted chaise lounge is such a warm and rustic setting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. *** It's not EVERYDAY that I have the opportunity to enjoy seeing something "with MY NAME ALLLLLL OVER IT!!!!" (so to speak), so THIS is UBER EXCITING for me!!!

    (And, I could literally L*I*V*E in the Dining Room…it's so perfect!!!)…

    Absolutely one of T*H*E most CHARMING spaces to be seen in a lonnng time… pure love on my part!!!

    Soooo, many thanks for sharing!

    Linda in AZ *

  3. Indeed, the house is timeless! I am in love with the wooden chandelier-inspired lights on the porch dining area. The fireplace is a wonder! I love how the interiors have been painted black. It gives the fire a more beautiful blazing effect. I should say I am in awe of the double-deckers too! This house has become my fantasy vacation hub. Thanks a lot for posting!

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