Winging it!

Sort of sums up my life over the past three months. Having a newborn and two year old has been insane, most of my posts have been done with one hand while rocking my baby in the other! The great thing about blogging is that it keeps you connected to the outside world, but no-one knows that you haven’t had a second to grab a hot shower in two days!
I’m easing back into work; which has been great! I was looking for a vintage wing chair for a client and came across this image. We’re going to modernize an old chair with a new fabric..I often bridge old and new in my work!
Here’s a great example of that very concept – the new chair is pictured above, the old below! I’ll take that little stool and lamp too! They’re both fabulous!
I’m also winging this post, as I’m not using my computer – I’m on a mac and can’t seem to enlarge the images) so I’m signing off for the week! Have a great weekend!

Image: Southern Living

12 thoughts on “Winging it!”

  1. I remember those days… My oldest is 11 (12 in July) and my youngest just turned 9. If you want a glimpse of whats to come VERY quickly stop by my post from yesterday. Called "What matters most"

  2. OMG!! I just wrote to a friend talking about re-doing an antique rocker in my living room. It is staring at me from my living room. Bare to the bones waiting for me to staple new padding and fabric on to dress it up. I am looking at your blog post as an OMEN, I need to get started so that means I need to get off the computer, wish me luck,Kathysue

  3. love it! I have been looking to do the same thing for our living room. have you ever had anything done at the jail? I got a quote back, but would love to see a before and after first.

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