Why play it safe?

I say playing it safe is a bore, but that’s just my opinion. My home isn’t crazy but it’s def. not safe. I like when I stumble across a design or work with a client that isn’t afraid to take a few risks in their home. As I’ve said before it usually always pays off. I’m not sure I could live with a bright turquoise kitchen (like Veronica’s Swanson Beard’s pictured here) but the oversized mirror, turquoise dining room, fig trees, deep navy lacquered, and striped den walls are a def. WIN in my book and in this space! Also, how beautiful is her outdoor patio? Amaze! It’s dull and rainy here so I needed to be inspired by a dose of dare and color this morning! Take a design or fashion risk today, I dare you!  😉

These navy walls are perfection!

 Images: Harper’s Bazaar

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