while I’m on the subject..

of fabulous prints and fabrics, you have to check out Rikshaw Design’s latest offering!! These amazing Kurta’s are the perfect piece for your summer wardrobe! I love the feel of these casual bohemian tops! for more check out Catherine’s site here! What’s your favorite?

+ a bit more fashion news..Tucker by Gaby Basora is collaborating with Target on a fashion line this summer! Look for it mid-summer! I adore her edgy pieces, but not the steep price tag! Can’t wait to see her Target line!

7 thoughts on “while I’m on the subject..”

  1. These are both gorgeous – I'm not sure I can spend $70 on a kurta right now – although I really want to. But from the looks of it I'll definitely be on the lookout for that new target line! Great finds thanks for sharing!

  2. As we are just heading into winter here I already miss the sun. And seeing these 'kurtas' makes me want to fly away to somewhere warm. I am now heading to check this site. Thanks thanks THANKS so much for showing these, I love them ALL (-: Linda

  3. Love these, I was just on their website looking at the children's versions of these saying to myself wish they had them in my size!! I just ordered two! Though now I wish I would have ordered the red/seahorse one as well. Love your blog!


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