Where I’d like to…

This is a snapshot of David Jimenez’s 2008 table at Diffa. . I love David’s fearless style.
I always crave warmth, candlelight and color at this time of year. I’m thinking, turkey day table inspiration? The orange is classic fall but the blue would be unexpected. I’ve also been dying to paint a wall deep turquoise, this shade is perfection. I just returned from the paint store with similar swatches in hand….

10 thoughts on “Where I’d like to…”

  1. The colors, flowers and multiple textures in this presentation are incredible! Loving this inspirational set up- thanks for sharing! I agree with Linds, this would be a great starting point for a reception!!

  2. I love this photo. You are right. A great color combo for fall. (for any time of year, really)
    The artwork on the walls is fabulous.


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