When Life Gives You Lemons….

Lately, I awake every morning wishing for a warm day….It has yet to happen. So. I’m going with my second option =  create my own sunshine!!  I’ve decided to kick off the week with a bit of bright and sunny. Today’s post is inspired by Furbish Studio’s “When life gives you lemons” print. I love lemony yellow, especially when paired with neutrals such as grey, white and navy.

1. I keep reading about the benefits of drinking lemon water. I’ve decided to start each morning with a freshly squeezed glass. (I’m drinking one now)
2. I just ordered my daughter’s Easter dress. Mini Boden has an adorable selection of girl’s dresses.
3. Pale grey and lemon is a no brainer color combo. I loved the home tour of Susan Greenleaf’s San Francisco home.
4. Layered cardigans will add a Springy note to your neutral clothing staples! These are both from J. Crew. Cardigan (top + bottom)

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