What’s cooking?

I guess there is one plus to all this cold weather, I find it more conducive to cooking. I usually pour myself a glass of wine, light a fire and whip up dinner. I don’t have central AC so I tend to use the oven more when it’s chilly out than in the summer.

I find the key to making the art of cooking less hectic is the planning.  For some reason among the chaos of my life, I find cooking therapeutic. The steps and preparation force me to focus and follow steps. I made homemade chicken soup last night, it’s already gone!  I think the most important thing when cooking anything is to use the freshest ingredients you can. I also try to splurge on organic or at least hormone free meat. I swear, I notice a difference in the taste and sometimes consistency! I also add more spices and some not even mentioned in the recipes. (I often to combine two or more recipes into one creation) There is nothing worse than bland food or soup, for that matter. Although not the healthiest, I sauté my carrots, onions and celery for my chicken and turkey soup in olive oil and butter. Butter adds such a wonderful flavor.

My kitchen is coming along and I’m actually loving it. The drawers are in and the hardware is ordered. Here is my selection…I am so happy with the brass. I purchased my hardware here.
I went with carrara counter tops and white cabinetry. I am thrilled with both!

The one problem is space. I don’t have a ton of storage and still have a number of items in the basement. My next home will have a pantry and a large island for sure!! I am trying to be as resourceful and efficient with the space I do have!

This morning I came across Ali Cayne’s gorgeous NYC kitchen. She owns and operates Haven’s kitchen. Read more about her venture and cooking school here. It looks very cool…Enjoy the images of her beautiful and perfectly organized kitchen at her home!! All images via Domino Magazine. 

I plan to grow a “salad” garden this summer! Stay tuned for my selections and photos of the before and after…And also hopefully some images of the harvested veggies!! 🙂

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