Welcome Home – 7 steps to creating a cozy home

‘Tis the season for entertaining and keeping warm! There isn’t much better than visiting a welcoming home or relaxing in your own. Whether you are hosting for twenty or enjoying a night alone, a cozy home is the perfect place to gather or rest. A home should be a refuge (cause isn’t the world crazy enough?)…Everyone has their own ideal. I am constantly striving to make my home more welcoming. 

Today I am sharing a designer’s perspective on creating a cozier home. Be safe if you are traveling today. xxx

1. Fresh Flowers
When I can, I purchase fresh flowers for my home. I love displaying them in small vases around the house. This is a great idea if you are entertaining.

Kate Spade
My bedroom
See the tutorial on this arrangement here

 2. Rugs 
Carpets and rugs can make a room. They beautifully warm up the space and are a great way to add color and texture. I love both new and vintage rugs and try to mix in each type on my projects. Always ensure it is the proper size. Postage stamp rugs in a large room don’t work nor do rugs that don’t fit properly.

3. A fireplace
I have a small house for my kids and on my wish list when I was looking was a fireplace! I light mine as much as I can….A warm fire cozies up a home in an instant. I love to arrange and rearrange the mantel top too.

Aerin Lauder

 4. A well stocked bar 
I love displaying vintage glasses and decanters. It’s far from this elaborate but you get the idea!

5. Delicious homemade food (this is for entertaining of course but even when I cook soups on Sundays for just myself my home feels more inviting)

See this story on Waiting on Martha, she also has a cool shop here!!
6. Candles and layered lighting
I am not a fan of overly fragrant candles but something about the warm glow of a candle is both flattering and relaxing. I light them on my kitchen counter, in the bathroom and on my mantel.
A well lit house is the key to a beautiful space. I put as many lights on dimmers as I can and I always, always layer my lighting sources and types!
Who styles a table better than Tory Burch!????? Gah, her tables settings are perfection.
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7. Textiles
Blankets, crisp white towels in the bathroom, clean window treatments. The soft goods in your home will work wonders for making it more welcoming!

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