Vacation Style – Take me away!

Today I’m playing, let’s pretend! Let’s pretend for five minutes that I am actually jetting off to Palm Springs for a long weekend! Here is a sampling of what would be in my travel bag! I LOVE so many of these pieces…. Wishing you a lovely week! Warm sunny days are ahead for all of us….xx

1. Bikini/2. Sweet bag/3. Sunblock***/4. Necklace/5. Amazing frock/6. Espadrille/7. Tube top/8. Graphic Shorts/9. Flat, gold sandal/10. Sunglasses/11. Hat

*** As I have mentioned I had invasive surgery twice on my face, last fall and this winter. One area required MOHS surgery on a basal cell cancer and the other was a Squamous cell carcinoma, which also required MOHS surgery. I have been very thorough about my sun protection for about ten years now. I always wear sunblock on my face. I caught the basal cell area on my nose a couple of years ago but was told it was nothing. When in doubt? Have them biopsy an area even if they tell you it isn’t anything. Because the spot had been dismissed by the doctors and let go until last year it ended up being a deep spot (basal cells have legs). The surgery was pretty invasive and created a large hole in the side of my nose. I ended up with roughly 30 stitches and a painful healing process. I still have a scar but it is slowly fading.

The other area thankfully, (which can be deadly if left untouched) was smaller and I caught it early. This area only required 6 stitches and I did not need to go to a plastic surgeon to have it closed. I guess my reason for telling you this is that I wish I had learned my lesson about the damage sun could do when I was in high school. I am paying the price now!

The sunscreen I listed above is great for everyday use and also includes an anti-wrinkle cream (hence the more expensive cost). This sunscreen contains zinc oxide, which the dermatologist recommended that I use. I am also ordering the Sun Bum product to put under my make-up. I’m sharing my story because I would hate for you to deal with lots of cancer spots and surgeries like I have. It is never too late to take care of your skin.  I love the beach and will never stop going, so I also wear sunglasses and a hat to the beach! My boyfriend who loves to have a tan is even more leery of the sun now!

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