the trend + the issue

I’ve decided to jump on the trend wagon and purchase (one) pair of colored jeans. I have a red pair from about five years ago that I’ve hung onto. They’re wide leg, but still look cute! So although I love red jeans I think I may opt for another shade.
The biggest issue with colored jeans is they either look REALLY cute or REALLY bad. I’m guessing I’ll have to try on twenty pairs to get it right. My teeny-tiny friend had on a royal blue pair last week. They looked perfect on her but my guess is she weighs about 95 lbs, with my 5’8″ frame, I can assure you I don’t weigh anything close to 95 pounds.
The second issue, colored jeans need to be paired with the right look and shoes. I actually don’t love them with black shoes unless they are light weight shoes (check the Victoria Beckman image – I think that’s Victoria isn’t it?).
Third issue: pastels are out for me, just not flattering. 
these jewel tone skinnies look adorable with these shoes
I think red is my favorite color
Royal blue  jeans are cute too. They have a similar look to these at Target right now! I think I may opt for an inexpensive pair, that way when I tire of them, I haven’t spent a bundle.
This entire outfit is perfect!
Again my argument against pastel. These look cute on Cameron but would look very scary on me.

5 thoughts on “the trend + the issue”

  1. Love the outfit with the chambray shirt…will be putting that together thank you! I have all the pieces but am useless at putting outfits together. I splurged on J Brand 811 Ankle Skinny Pants and they are so worth the money. I'm 5'9" so feel the pain too of petite friends! Annie x.

  2. Check out Jcrew. Inexpensive, bright colored jeans. You can rock them. I know you can. And Yup, stay away from pastel tight jeans. They are a friend to a very few.
    mb from big d

  3. I love colored jeans! I actually just got a pair of pinky/red ones at Ann Taylor and I was surprised at how much I love how they fit. They are slightly higher in the waist, but still are skinny and cropped.

    I totally agree with you on the pastel ones, omg those would look scary on my legs!

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