Tory’s Tables…

I could use a little cheering up on this gloomy day in Boston, how about you? It seems everything that Tory Burch gets her hands on becomes ultra chic. I especially love how she looks so amazing but is never over done. It is as if she doesn’t try too hard: that to me is natural style. With Easter and Spring right around the corner I wanted to share some cheery inspo. I love Tory’s ability to mix patterns and texture. I will say that her Dodie Thayer lettuce ware collection is on my wish list. I’ll be purchasing some of her salad plates to mix with my white plates at some point. I adore vintage dish-ware, I just need to figure out where I am going to store it all! Purchase the lettuce ware here and the adorable wine glass pictured below (see note). (Tory’s collection of original Dodie Thayer lettuce ware. above –  Photo by Noa Griffel )

This glass is available for purchase on Tory’s site.

2 thoughts on “Tory’s Tables…”

  1. Most of my dinner wear is white and I like that but I do love those blues and greens. I am moving to Florida and I think I might hit the antique shops for some interesting dishes , lettuce leaves and such 🙂 Ahhh I can't wait to be in warm weather where we can actually be outside picking flowers !

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