The thrill of the..

hunt and a quick fashion peek…I found this cool vintage tray at The Todd Farm Flea Market the weekend before last! Now I just need to polish the brass! Any magic tricks on how to do this please send them my way.

{i’ll be working on my window treatments very soon, they are currently bare}
was also digging these looks from Chris Benz’s Spring 2011 collection !

16 thoughts on “The thrill of the..”

  1. Julie..what an awesome find..gorgeous vintage tray. I think nothing works better than Brasso to clean brass…Ive never used anything Im sorry that I cant recommend some other household cleaning product..but I know Brasso brings it back to brand spanking new 🙂

  2. I have two of those trays made in California, I love them. One is green round in perfect shape bright brass someone must have cleaned it before. And I bought a red rectangle like yours with a lot of patina which I like better. Good find.

  3. 1/2 water & 1/2 vinegar works for my brass. I was surprise to see your white dolphin pitcher too. I have a pair in tourquoise. Only, living in the midwest, they don't quite look the part of my decor.

    Tx for this post,

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