Three words

I am soooo thrilled that the warm weather has arrived in Boston! Coral shades can work year round but it is especially appropriate this time of year. I always manage to work this color into my projects and life! I sold the idea of painting a powder room in the cheery shade to a client this past Sunday!

 Images: pinterest, #3 Jeneration interiors, # 4 Philip Gorrivan, Pinterest

16 thoughts on “Three words”

  1. Dear Julie, how I understand your passion. I just blogged my love for coral as well, in a post I named "I've never been a fan of pink, but coral…" Love it for clothes, make-up (favorite nail polish color next to red), and in decor works wonderfull. Love the dress and flower sandals.

  2. I love coral too and had a dining room in a previous home painted the most gorgeous peachy color…which of course, can stimulate the appetite. It looked especially pretty when the lighting was dimmed and gave everyone an attractive aura!!! :0


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