Thoughts on home…landscaping

The weather is finally turning…so I’m starting to think about the outside of my house and the landscaping. (Yes, it needs love too).

First off, I’m going to put a fresh coat of paint on the outside of the house and the front door. See this post for color ideas and a peek at my little’ ole ranch. Luckily the sides of the house have shingles so I only need to paint the front. We are also going to refresh the walkway with slate and pea stone. Here are my thoughts on the photos above:

1. + 4. I’d eventually like to create a slate or brick patio in the back yard off of the three season room.
2. (top right) I’m going to go with a cool color palette mixed with white but I’ve always wanted to plant pink poppies so I plan to mix some in. I think they’ll balance nicely with white and pale, cool colors such as green and purples.
3. I love boxwood and will use that along with white flowers. Boxwood creates a clean, classic feel.
5. I plan to design beds that mix various textures and heights.
6.  This is an image of a updated ranch. I have a three season room off the back of my house that I’d love to turn into a family room at some point. I love the idea of adding windows on one side that face the side yard. I also have a yard off the side of my home.
7. Finally, I dream of having a pool someday. This classic pool and landscaping below is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on home…landscaping”

  1. I love all your home ideas and can't wait to see the finished product! One thought on the outside… have you considered taking down the shutters on the set of double windows to the right of your front door? I was always told shutters should be able to close and cover the window, even if they're purely ornamental and not functional.

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