Thoughts on home…

My poor little house hasn’t gotten too much attention since the holidays but I wanted to update you all! My kitchen is moving along, the drawers are in and the only thing that needs to be finished up are the cabinet doors. I also need to buy a new fridge, microwave and dishwasher. (joy). With the weather finally turning here, I am less distracted by digging out and entertaining kids with no school or outdoor space to run around. The focus besides my business and Ace is going to be on my HOME!!

First off, Matty (my boyfriend) and I are going to paint a three season porch off of my kitchen. It warms up enough to be used for three seasons out of the year so I plan to re-vamp it this weekend. It currently contains a mish mash of furniture that would not fit into my home and any other junk I toss in there on a daily basis. My boyfriend and I don’t officially live together but he spends a ton of time here, so we are going to move one of his sofas into that room this weekend. I also plan to paint the natural wood on the window surrounds and the walls. It needs lighting and possibly a few new pillows!! (I love any excuse for new pillows, don’t you?) I am leaving the windows open because if I stay here I am going to turn the room into a insulated den and replace all of the windows and the exterior door.

When that is finished up we are hitting the exterior of my home. (below). Yes, it’s about 1/16 of the size of Molly Sims gorgeous place but I do love the classic look and paint colors Molly has used. I painted my front door glossy black last summer and plan to paint the facade white and the trim possibly charcoal. It has longish shutters and weird x’s.(see below) I am getting rid of the x’s but am going to keep the shutters for now. The amount of snow we have is still ridiculous so I have some time to contemplate my ideas. See the rest of Molly Simms gorge home in this month’s Lonny magazine.

I’m green with envy over this yard.. 😉
I am loving this moment outside the pool house + her entire outfit for that matter!

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