Thoughts on home: the television

Above: A before shot of the dated, sad living room. This is going to be the art wall. (left) The walls in the living room are now painted a deep shade of grey and the floor have been stained a warm, walnut color. I’ll share the after shots in a few weeks!!

This is my favorite art wall!
So I posted a while back about my living room television dilemma. I’m eventually turning an enclosed three season porch into family room but for now I need to house the tv in the living room. I’m heading over today to rearrange the furniture and set up the tv. I’ve decided to scratch mounting it permanently, instead I’m going to display it on a simple dresser and create an art wall around it.
I’d like to bring some of the art down lower towards the floor. 

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on home: the television”

  1. You'll love it! We have an art wall in our guest bedroom/extra tv space. The tv is inside a small cabinet and the art goes up and around.

    It's the best way to hang all those little bits with a few big anchor pieces that would look lost on a wall all by themselves. And every time you collect a new piece just add it to the group!

  2. The TV and art wall are a great idea. I have grown to really dislike the television ( especially these huge flat screen things) to be the focal point of a room. I am not a lover of art hung in gimmicky ways and having it near the floor shouts gimmick to me .. no one wants to lean down, bend, squat to look at a picture .. unless you are doing it for a child, I see no point.
    Some things just work better the way they have always been done.
    Meanwhile, we moved into a house with many more rooms than my Argentine apartment yet there are less walls to hang things . This makes no sense 🙂


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