Thoughts on home… process pictures + updates

Hello, hello…
I’m pushing to complete my home by the Spring! It has been a process and an expense. I’m sharing some of the before photos and some of the updates thus far. It was an outdated home and I have been completing the process in most of you know this single mama is working within a budget ( I need to leave some money in the bank for my mortgage ๐Ÿ˜‰  ) Here it goes…..

This was the dining area off the kitchen. The house isn’t too big. I didn’t need a large home nor could I afford it. I was pretty much sold on the location. It is located across from the marsh on a side street five minutes from the beach. As you can see it needed a ton of work. I don’t think it had been updated since 1972, the year it had been built. The good news is it was built for a family and they were the only ones who had ever lived in it, so the overall structure was in great shape.
This is the bar area in front of the windows now.
Original living room
Living room now. We painted the walls and the dark brick. I also had all the floors stained a deep brown color. I now just need a new sofa, a small bench upholstered and maybe a simple mirror above the mantel and this room will be done!!

I like both of these sofa options. I want to go with a tuxedo sofa. I’m either going with a pale grey velvet or linen. The top version is my preference and has great lines. It is from Serena and Lily, the bottom one is from Crate and Barrel. I’ll probably end up with the second sofa, it’s half the price!
Yikes! Here is the bathroom before. 
Here is the bathroom now. We added bead board over the old tile glue and painted it white. I also had the floor tiled and ripped out the old vanity and mirror. I’m wallpapering it in Thibaut’s Tanzania. I just need art, the tub area tiled and it will be done!
Wall paper
My son’s room is finished with the exception of a couple more items on the walls! He is using my old spool bed from when I was a kid. It’s an antique. He has also requested more “sports and shark” art on the I’m working on that. Seven year old boys begin to have an opinion on their rooms!

My bedroom is pretty much finished! 
Here is the kitchen “before”.  I saved the base of the cabinets and my Dad added a thick moulding above the cabinets where the hideous paneling is. I went with Carrara marble counter tops, white cabinets, brass hardware, a white beveled tile back splash and a dark slate looking 24″ x 12″ tiles on the floor. We also replaced the window with a larger new window above the sink area, that made a huge difference on the amount of light in the space. I’m loving the kitchen so far. My Dad is making the cabinet door fronts and I am replacing a number of the bottom cabinets with drawers. These are almost done but my Dad deserved a little break!! He has been a huge help!! I also added new recessed lighting throughout the house and have a few more fixtures to go!

I added a new play room in the basement too! I couldn’t live without it. I have a television down stairs and 90% of my children’s toys are stored in the room.

When the kitchen is finished, Matty and I are going to tackle the three season porch off of the kitchen. It’s a great space in the warmer weather and if I stay here I may even turn it into a family/tv room with built in cabinets. My daughter’s room is almost complete too..I’m looking forward to having the entire place photographed this Spring.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts on home… process pictures + updates”

  1. Looks like you've made good progress. I too am a single mother in a fairly new (to me) home. Fortunately the previous owners made a few updates before they sold it. Unfortunately they were updates I wouldn't have necessarily picked myself, but are workable for now. It is slow going with the rest of the decorating process, but I think it makes our purchases and design decisions better when we have the time to really think it through. Best of luck. -bevygal

  2. Your place looks amazing! both of those sofas are awesome, but I wouldn't underestimate the value of arms — they are so good for lounging ๐Ÿ™‚

    x Lily

  3. Amazing job! Everything looks great. (I actually like the C&B sofa better, with different throw pillows.) Could you one day outline how you did the beadboard in the bathroom? My dad has a bathroom with really old tile, and I've suggested this, but he's very dubious.

    Thank you!

  4. Amazing, Julie! You have done SO much. I am very impressed. Your home looks like it has great bones and the location sounds divine. All of the details added and work you have done really shows it to be chic, yet homey.

  5. Wow. I love what you've done so far, major changes. The living room looks so different with the fireplace painted. Can't wait to see more. Thx for sharing!

  6. The C&B sofa is the one I plan to buy as soon as I pull the trigger (except 83" petite version). I hope you choose it so I can see how you style around it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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