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This week my plan is to budget out my kitchen. I need to make some decisions on this space very soon. I don’t have a huge budget so this isn’t going to be my “dream kitchen” but on the flip side I’m a firm believer that you can make a space or design look amazing without breaking the bank!

Here are a few of my thoughts thus far.

I’m going with classic white cabinets. I figure I won’t tire of them and I am ultimately going for a fresh, clean look. I’m also thinking of adding an area where perhaps I paint the floor with a design in a high gloss finish. I’m not sold on this idea yet but I think it’d be a fun place to add a graphic. I would paint the design in deep charcoal and white. The charcoal shade will pick up the living room wall color next door to this space. I may just keep the bases of the cabinets and outfit them with new door fronts and a small section of drawers. This will save both time and money. I’ll then have them professionally sprayed a white color in a semi-gloss finish.  I also want to add a small bamboo fixture over the sink!

Kitchen by Meredith Heron
I just finished up working with a client on their kitchen design. It turned out beautifully! I’ll share the details when I have it professionally photographed. We used a goose neck faucet, I love how classic and clean they look. So this is a no-brainer decision for me. I’m going with a shiny nickel finish. Here are my favorite options.

Perrin and Rowe

Nickel – by Kohler

Counter Tops:
Simply put, I know Carrara marble counter tops are wildy popular and not overly practical but I just LOVE the way they look and they are not overly expensive. I’m 90% sure I’m going this route!

If you follow my blog than you’ve most likely figured out that I’m big on cohesion but don’t love a perfectly matched abode. That look doesn’t feel evolved enough for my creative brain or aesthetic. My faucet will be shiny nickel but I’m thinking of going with brass hardware. I’m currently loving this campaign style for the drawers. This image is a shot from Christine’s house of Bijou and Boheme blog. Her house is beautiful!!

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