thoughts on home – 9.17.12

Hello loves. I hope you had a great weekend. I don’t have much time to read my favorite blogs (side bar) never mind discover newbies but the other day I stumbled upon A House in the Hills. You may have seen these images on Pinterest or somewhere in the blogosphere but it was too fantabulous NOT to post! I LOVE jewels and baubles. Again, another pinterest obsession of mine but my collection (not as amazing as Sarah’s) has gotten a bit out of control and is surely a tad disorganized!! I’m drawn to creative people so I got swept up with Sarah’s blog for a while one morning. If you’d like a visual treat, be sure to look for her blog post on her gorgeous wedding photographs, dress, day etc. It’s inspiring (even to a girl who is “almost” – 3 weeks and counting divorced.) I love, to know that “true” love exists! I guess once a romantic, always a romantic! (and trust me that doesn’t mean I’ll be running down the aisle never mind dating seriously soon)

Sarah recently organized her jewelry collection. She did an amazing job, the details and sources are available on her blog. Her collection of baubles and jewels is beautiful isn’t it? Revamping my jewelry storage will be the first order of business for me when I move! I’m going to set it up in my dresser in my temporary digs, I figure it will be easy to move when I find my new nest. Stay tuned for photos!! Happy Monday. I hope it’s a great week for you. xx

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  1. Oh my LORD! I just spend 3.5 hours cleaning and organizing and this space is just PURE PERFECTION- I have to re-post, and will give ou full credit! What eye candy. Thanks for sharing!


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