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I adore this kitchen snapshot, it’s the perfect blend of old and new.  I especially like the black glass cabinetry and the beautifully displayed silver collection on the fridge.
I think a home feels more complete when it’s infused with a bit of history. Vintage finds are more easily found now with the growth of Etsy, and 1st dibs but I still love to scour flea markets when I have a free Sunday, especially during the warmer months. 
Sterling silver and silver plate serve and barware look beautiful layered with everyday collections.
I’ve decided when I move I’d like to invest in some new flatware. I want to ditch the set I had when I was married, it was one of the only items my ex contributed to our new home together and he had no interest in taking it when he split. I might buy an inexpensive bamboo inspired set but I also want to begin to collect monogrammed silver (+ silver plate) pieces.. I could go the formal route and collect only “R”‘s for Richard (my last name) but I also think it could be fun to collect E’s, (it seems to be a popular letter in vintage flatware, J’s and C’s). (our first initials)
This Etsy site has an evolving collection of flatware and vintage housewares.
image via Eddie Ross

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on home…”

  1. This is sort of funny to me. When I got divorced (be made bad decisions)…anyway – I never liked our flatware so I gave it to the ex when he moved out…and went out and bought faux bamboo flatware at Target that I absolutely adore 3 years later. I'm happy every time I open the drawer. Good riddance to the old silverware!

  2. About getting rid of stuff that has bad memories/karma: I know this might sound a bit kooky but have you heard about the old sage burning trick? It comes in these little dried bouquets and you just light it and wave it around all your stuff that you want to rid of bad energy. I inherited some beautiful furniture recently that came from a pretty unhappy home and it made me feel better psychologically just to do that. So maybe you toss the flatware but happily hold onto your other stuff. I must have lived in California for WAY too long now to believe this stuff (I'm a former new england waspy gal)! love your blog!

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