Thoughts on home…..

Here’s a picture of my new home when I purchased it this summer. The entrance needs a little bit of love. So far we’ve ripped the three dated bushes out and removed the fake flowers. Here’s my punch list for the rest of the transformation:

– I’m planning to paint the front door within the next week or two. I’m either going with a pale aqua or a bright coral shade. I’m still debating the choice but am leaning towards an aqua hue because my home faces the marsh and is five minutes from the beach!

– Add a new entrance light and house numbers
– Repaint the house in a paler grey shade
– Add a new full length “updated” storm door
– Add a door knocker in either brass or bright nickel. (love both) I kind of love how clean the nickel looks on Miles aqua door below. (image one)
– Add new plantings. Boxwood etc…..
– Add an updated walkway, stairs
– Lose the dated metal hand railings

Since I’m painting the door first I thought I’d share my inspirational images. Do you have a favorite?? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts! xx
Once I choose a color, I’ll be sure to share the name and after photos!!

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11 thoughts on “Thoughts on home…..”

  1. I've always been a bit more traditional when it comes to front doors, so I'd have to say the white one, although the grey door at the top does look really stylish.

    The house is beautiful. I can't wait to see it when you've ticked everything off your list!

  2. Julie, I saw on Pinterest that you were pinning lots of aqua and coral doors. Love the aqua! My house, also in MA, is similar in colour (grey/black)and I've been considering aqua for awhile. Go for it!

  3. A friend of men just painted her front door and garage doors Wythe Blue (BM) and it looks amazing. I had to write this because the color looks just like the first door you posted! We also live near the beach in RI:)

  4. We just did this … I mean, just .. we moved into our new home in the US in June. It is a mid century ranch, the siding was barn red with that same exact white door in front of a solid white door.
    We painted the entire house a grey/olive color that gets rave reviews from the neighbors.The trim, everything is the same grey/olive.
    Houses like this don't have trim that needs to be highlighted, they are best when plain and simple.
    I am thrilled with it, we blend into the background of trees and shrubs.
    The door is painted black and I removed that awful "storm" door .. if I need one, I will buy a new all glass with a black frame door at Home Depot.
    Have fun with the work .. it is so great to stand back one day and look at your new home and see it looking exactly the way You wanted it to look.

  5. I love both the coral and the aqua. Ordinarily I'd choose coral, but I love your reasoning behind the aqua! Have so much fun spiffing up the front. i'm going through the same process with my house. I just love selecting paint colors.

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