Thoughts on home….

My apologies for not posting much about my house revamp. I sort of needed a financial and mental break from it all this summer. I have however been dreaming up a ton of ideas and have a “to do” check list a mile long. I would love to finish out one space and have decided to finish off my children’s bedrooms. My son’s room is almost complete but I have an empty wall and he has a ton of books! He has always loved to learn and have books read to him. I’ve been keeping my eye out for some kind of shelving system to both organize and display his rotating and growing book collection. (his current obsession is Sharks) These shelving units become a beautiful art wall in a sense.

I’ve included the resources below for two different options. I’m going with the “card display” shelves, the price can’t be beat. The more expensive version appears a bit more substantial.

Second source

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