Thoughts and Resolutions!

 Hmmm, Where do I begin? I could write a journal chatting about all that I am thankful for.  2013 was a pretty great year for me!

Here’s what I discovered in 2013…….

I’ve learned wishing for the best, hard work, and attainable goals usually pan out!!
I’ve learned that the pain does subside..
I’ve learned sometimes things DO happen because something better was meant to be.
I’ve learned you don’t climb mountains without taking risks!
I’ve learned dreams do come true.
I’ve learned stressing about small details doesn’t change the outcome and in fact impacts clear decision making.
I’ve learned that bump in the night is usually NOTHING to worry about.
I’ve learned a warm, furry pet is a wonderful thing and when you lose that friend it’s very sad!!
I’ve learned that life is full of unexpected surprises!
I’ve learned ending up with a person who makes you laugh is VERY important.

Here’s what I plan to do more of in 2014……

Sharing, caring, loving
Read more!
Spend more time blogging and refining my business
Finish my home
Save more money and better organize my finances
Eat more fruits and veggies

Here is a toast to you, my friends + family and to a FABULOUS + HEALTHY 2014! xoxo

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