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I try not to make hasty decisions with purchases, even small purchases, because they tend to add up. My rule of thumb {unless I’m so smitten with something I can’t leave the store} is that if I’m still thinking about the item days later, it’s a sound purchase! I’ve grown to be pretty finicky, I’d rather not clutter up my home and closet with impulse buys. With that said, I keep checking the Nate Berkus HSN site for this bowl. I may have to snag it soon!

10 thoughts on “thinking about..”

  1. Girl! I can't imagine WHAT you are waiting for. Quite a few of us have already bought this bowl and everyone I know who got it absolutely LOVES it!!! Even if you didn't keep it for yourself, it would be a marvelous gift for someone!

  2. I just ordered and received this gorgeous bowl this past week and I love it!
    it's much larger than you'd expect from the pictures online, and it's surprisingly sturdy and hefty despite the delicate pattern.
    I can't wait to fill mine with fruit, flowers…the possibilities are endless.
    Cheers, Alcira

  3. I have bought this bowl for clients and also for myself. You can't go wrong. And it's a really substantial size too!

    I just went back and scrolled through an old post of your home that I've had bookmarked for ages. It never gets old. Love love love it!

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