That color…

It’s not quite aqua not quite green but lies somewhere beautifully in-between. I’m loving this greenish-aqua hue lately.(it’s almost teal but not quite) It’s Springy and uplifting and looks amazing paired with navy, pink, blue and grey. Benjamin Moore’s shade Island Paradise – 606 is a pretty close match. You could ask the paint store to mix it at 125%, if you’d like it to look a little deeper. It is painting season!! I have a slew of projects to complete.
top images: Amie Corley, bottom right: Atlantic-Pacific blog

9 thoughts on “That color…”

  1. You read my mind! I was thinking I wonder what color that would be, and there you go doing the work for us! Thank you!! It's my fave and I think I need to paint a room this color!!

  2. This is one of my favorites right now and I keep seeing referred to as jade. BTW, I had not known the sad news about Adam Yauch until I saw it on Shelter. We LOVE Beastie Boys at our house.

  3. I painted our bedroom in our first house this color over 20 years ago and loved it! Still do. 🙂
    Thanks to your post I am enjoying reliving my memories – Cheers!

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