Thanks everyone for your mystery tree question feedback. A reader from the blog Daily Classic (sorry I don’ t know your first name) identified the tree as a Canela {cinnamon tree – pictured above}. I think that just may be it.
I also think Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees look great. Chloe Warner used a pair in the living room pictured below.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus Lyrata)

I have an orange plant in my dining room, I love the pop of color it provides. Citrus trees are also great indoor plants. (I’ll warn you though, they do shed their flowers a bit )

5 thoughts on “THANK YOU.”

  1. I'm a houseplant fan. It's wonderful to have fresh flowers in a starring role around the house from time to time, but healthy little plants tucked into bright corners bring me pleasure year round.

    I love the shape of that Canela! I found an online source, as didn't seem to have it available. I'm going to give it a shot !

  2. Months ago I had 2 fiddle leaf ficus much like Chloe Warner, and I was in love with them. They looked stunning, and everyone who entered commented on their fantasticness. After a month they lost their leaves, one by one. I may have to attempt them again.

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