Talking grout….

I am working from home today for two reasons! My bathroom tub and tile circa 1972 is being torn out. Good bye harvest gold! This is the last major reno for my home. (Until I add a second floor). Whoo hoo. I am so excited. I went with a clean subway tile and I spent some time deciding on the grout color. The floor is a black hex tile and the vanity has Carrara marble. I am painting the wood work glossy black next week and am going with wallpaper on the walls! I also have a mirror I am going to lacquer in a splash of color. So here are the images I perused for my color selections. Do you have a favorite? Scroll down to see what I color I chose and for some inspiration!!

The first idea was black. The contrast is nice and it certainly makes a graphic statement.

The second choice is pale grey. These bathrooms are both beautiful.

These tiles look a bit smaller than your standard subway tile but medium grey is another pretty choice! This look feels updated to me and pairs beautifully with this concrete tile floor.

Finally, you can’t really go wrong with white grout. It is a classic choice that will never go out of style.

My choice?? I went with a soft medium grey colored grout! I can’t wait to finish up this project!

On a side note: A huge good luck to everyone running today’s Boston marathon!! #Bostonstrong

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  1. Light gray is nice. I think I'd get tired of dark gray. I just went with white in my renovation. I hope it will make the beveled metro tiles continue to look stylish when they are no longer trendy.

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