Take me away…Cottage Love #19

The sights and sounds outside as I pen this post are of five foot snow drifts and howling winds. My coastal town was hit pretty hard by the storm and the high tides. Many people had to be evacuated this morning. I am thankful that I live far enough from the tides and that I am still with power…

I have no plans to travel to a warm climate this winter. (We may try to sneak away to Florida for a long weekend but nothing is planned) I do however dream of tropical beaches and warm sunny days. I have never been to Harbour Island but you can bet it’s on the top of my travel list.

This home designed by Allesandra Branca is a chic, colorful, cheery getaway. Just what we all could use by the end of January in New England!
 Images via Lonny Magazine

4 thoughts on “Take me away…Cottage Love #19”

  1. Here in Upstate NY we got a lot of snow and some wind but the streets are clear this morning and if someone will dig out my driveway, I can escape the house and the wild eyed bored kitten 🙂
    I want to go South but not Florida … Argentina sounds better to me. It is summer there.
    Paris is also calling to me. Summer/Winter, it is the Place that makes the difference. Although they do call Buenos Aires the Paris of South America lol

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