Take me away…Cottage Love #19

The sights and sounds outside as I pen this post are of five foot snow drifts and howling winds. My coastal town was hit pretty hard by the storm and the high tides. Many people had to be evacuated this morning. I am thankful that I live far enough from the tides and that I am still with power…

I have no plans to travel to a warm climate this winter. (We may try to sneak away to Florida for a long weekend but nothing is planned) I do however dream of tropical beaches and warm sunny days. I have never been to Harbour Island but you can bet it’s on the top of my travel list.

This home designed by Allesandra Branca is a chic, colorful, cheery getaway. Just what we all could use by the end of January in New England!
 Images via Lonny Magazine

Ski house chic

My apologies for the thematic posts this week. I guess I just needed a bit of escapism.

I’m in no way a super outdoorsy girl. Don’t be mistaken, I’m far from a priss but I am not a camper by nature. I’d rather sleep in a cozy bed and have running water than on the ground without a water supply in sight. I will also probably never own a ski home that comes close to any of these….I do however love the idea of rustic and raw influences paired with moments of glamour! Have a wonderful weekend!! (these are samples of different homes)

Holy Shiznit – The Hamptons continuted!

Guilty as charged!! This is a direct re-post from my good friend’s blog.  While I’m on the subject of The Hampton’s this week, how could I possibly fail to mention J.Christopher Burch’s fabulous Hampton’s vacation (yes – vacation) home? It’s gorge from head to toe!!

Also, a bit of news for my local peeps. They are opening a C.Wonder shop at Derby shops in Hingham, Ma. I was thrilled to hear that bit of info this week!! Images and deets via AD.

I think I need to use this headboard fabric someplace in my life!!

Ski Bunny

I’m heading to VT with my kiddies to celebrate my daughter’s 3rd birthday this weekend, I’m going to put them both in ski lessons and sneak in a few runs myself! Above are apres and ski essentials..Also, don’t forget your helmet, they’re safe, and warm!
Image 1. If I had a ski house you can bet it would resemble Aerin Lauder’s Aspen Home as shown in Vogue Magazine. 
My favorite part of skiing? The Apres ski at the lodge!

I stumbled across this ski chalet in Big Sky last week while searching for ski house inspiration. Images by photographer Audrey Hall.

Dreaming of….

It’s been raining in Boston ALL WEEK, so I’ve decided that I am going to take a full week off this summer, to take surfing lessons (lucky for me my friend Steffan is an amazing surfer), hang out at the beach, wear Kaftans, relax, and in my dreams rent a cottage like the one below. It will basically be my version of a Bohemian Beach Bum vacation. I may even shut my phone off for a few days. (not sure if that’s possible, but a total escape would be perfection).
P.S. I have always loved the top image, I tore it out of a magazine years ago and then it popped up on Pinterest! Ahh. Pinterest, what the hell did I do without Pinterest? Do I dare toss my files of tear sheets?