I’m often asked by people, “What inspires you?” Today’s answer: My students! My list is long and varied. I’m constantly stumbling upon inspiration everywhere, everyday, all the time! I love what I do and I feel blessed to have discovered my “calling” per say. As most of you know, I don’t just practice interior design, I teach it at Endicott College and Suffolk University {New England School of Art and Design}. I am always pushing my student’s ideas. If they succeed it means I have done my job well! I often discuss the importance of strong concepts, and how they should be somewhat abstracted! Literal design looks juvenile to me..Yes, throw in an ounce of kitch or a nod to the obvious..but always keep it fresh and unique! I was discussing using simple objects, en masse {or in large groupings} and how something very common can take on a sculptural quality when used unexpectedly and in large quantities. Well my student was inspired by Anthropologie’s window displays..They practice this very idea! Gorgeous! I’d have to agree with her!!! Well Done.

Marshmallows – look sculptural when suspended don’t they?

Milk jug igloo? Brilliant..

In a nut shell!

I love the idea of maxing out a small space beautifully, for one it makes the space feel grander but it also reinforces the idea that your home needn’t be enormous to look fabulous and function well! Designer and stylist Lizzie Carney’s 1,000 sq. foot bungalow does just this! Lizzie painted the entire home a custom charcoal color to unify her home! She also infused the space with found objects and gorgeous European antiques. Unique items add interest and depth to any home!

Lizzie turned her basement into a wine cellar!

Lizzie outfitted a small bedroom as a dressing room! A vintage rolling rack houses her hanging clothing. I spotted a vintage shoe rack at the Todd Farm flea market yesterday. If it’s there next week, I may have to grab it!
{Lizzie painted the rug herself – I love the mix of pink and red}
Lizzie works for design/import firm Euro Trash, check out their site for more European and vintage finds..
Image Credits: Scanned by Shelter from Country Living Magazine, October 2010. Photographer: Bjorn Wallander

Emerson’s room – back to work!

When I return from Vermont {see yesterday’s post} I’m going to resume work on Emerson’s room! Don’t you know designers always finish their homes last? Okay so now the point of my post. I’ve got a cute little dresser that I’m planning to paint! I really want to mix two colors, but I’m not sure of how I’m going to approach it! I’m liking both the idea of either painting the architectural details white {above} or the drawers a lighter shade {below – love how this works with white and light grey}
+ finally I’m pretty sure the main color for the piece is going to be lemon yellow – {the shade below to be exact}

images: ?, The Decorista, Thomas Smythe

Will you be?

mixing it up this Fall? {i know i will}

Fabulous design is all about opposites right? at least it is for me {and countless others}

I love to mix high + low, edgy + classic….etc,.etc..!

Tips on the mix:
Mix in a graphic {stripes, chevron, check etc..}
something shiny + something old
something pricey + an inexpensive trend
edgy + classic

{I think you get the picture}

The shots above are so RIGHT on!

Left images: Aerin Lauder’s home in House and Garden via Habitually Chic, Right: Alexa Chung {the English model, fashionista, + show host}


I thought I’d begin this post with the latest Kelly Wearstler publication; her new beach home. Her home is not for the faint of heart!

The bits and pieces of Kelly’s work that I’ve seen lately have been fairly neutral color stories.
The key to a successful neutral interior is to layer on the texture, and subtleties of color. Also, always add a touch of color contrast for depth. I tend to use more color in my work, but what I love about neutral rooms is their calming quality.

Kelly’s new line for Sferra linens

{above in this month’s Met Home}

and for the more classically inspired….

Martha Stewart often uses a natural color combinations {Turkey Hill}

Darryl Carter’s work is usually neutral

Images: as noted, John Granen, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Flickr, Darryl Carter, Darryl Carter, Eric Johnson, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, John Granen