Thoughts on home…..

Here’s a picture of my new home when I purchased it this summer. The entrance needs a little bit of love. So far we’ve ripped the three dated bushes out and removed the fake flowers. Here’s my punch list for the rest of the transformation:

– I’m planning to paint the front door within the next week or two. I’m either going with a pale aqua or a bright coral shade. I’m still debating the choice but am leaning towards an aqua hue because my home faces the marsh and is five minutes from the beach!

– Add a new entrance light and house numbers
– Repaint the house in a paler grey shade
– Add a new full length “updated” storm door
– Add a door knocker in either brass or bright nickel. (love both) I kind of love how clean the nickel looks on Miles aqua door below. (image one)
– Add new plantings. Boxwood etc…..
– Add an updated walkway, stairs
– Lose the dated metal hand railings

Since I’m painting the door first I thought I’d share my inspirational images. Do you have a favorite?? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts! xx
Once I choose a color, I’ll be sure to share the name and after photos!!

via miles redd

Thoughts on home…

I wanted to share today’s “new home” design choice with you. I’m going to install glass front doors on the largest cabinet in my kitchen. It will only house my mix of vintage and new dishes and glasses…Here’s a peek at some beauties, various shades and my final color choice! eek!! Tomorrow’s plan: Searching for my counter top choice!

Malachite Green shade by Clark+Kensington paint

Thoughts on home…..

Moving will surely make you reassess not only your life but your purchases and the importance and necessity of each one.  I’ve been living with 25% of my belongings for almost a year. When I moved into my new home two weeks ago I had most of the boxes put in the basement. I just couldn’t deal with a construction site and a disaster zone of scattered boxes all of the house. I’m slowly moving the clothing a little at a time from my temporary residence. I must be in a purging mode because my give away pile is quickly growing. 
My new home doesn’t have a very big closet, it’s not tiny but it is hardly the walk in closet I had in my old home. I’m also using my antique armoire for all my folded clothing, so that really helps. I’ve decided when I look in my closet I want everything to look new, fresh and special. (hence the give away pile)…I’ve always admired french women for their ability to look stylish while only owning a small number of high quality pieces. That’s going to be my fashion philosophy moving forward. Will I still be slightly addicted to jewels and baubles vintage and new? I’m sure but I’m certainly going to think twice before I hastily grab another bargain item at the Neiman Marcus semi annual sale…..Don’t we all wear the same 5 pairs of jeans and 5 pairs of black pants anyway!? 😉
Below I’ve shared some smaller closet organization inspiration with you! I’m absolutely going to install hooks someplace in my bedroom or closet for my necklace collection. I love Kelly Wearstler’s storage idea above! 
Cheers to a great Monday and week. The past two weeks have been a little hectic in my world, then my little kitty of fifteen years who was always by my side passed away yesterday. You’ll never be forgotten Miss Gabby. I love you!!! I think you would have been happy in our new home….

Thoughts on home…the living area

Wow, it’s been an insane week. I moved into my almost finished home on Tuesday (a huge thank you and kisses to: Matty, Dad, Mom + Joel for all your help). To say it has been a busy week is an understatement. My life is pretty much packed in boxes and I still need to set up my office and redo my kitchen. (It is a construction zone without a counter top, sink or finished cabinets). I figure most of my clients undergo kitchen renovations and live in disarray.  I can too!

As most of you know, this was a post divorce downsize for me. The living room area is pretty small so I’m trying to figure out the placement of my furniture..I ordered an 8 x 10 jute rug (it’s coming today) and I plan to layer a smaller version of this rug (or something similar) over it.

I then need to place my furniture and other things..I’m still a bit torn about the arrangement of the tv. I have a den but it won’t be finished for some time as it’s currently a three season room.

I do know I’m dealing with the placement of two large chairs, a little stool or two, a 36″ round zinc table, a book shelf, a dresser (hoping for the tv) and a sofa.
I’m always keeping my eyes open for inspiration. This am I was looking through Domaine. 
I especially like the celebrity section. (mind you, I have a fraction – if that, of their budget)
My living room will also incorporate vintage and new lighting, over sized accessories, artwork, layered pillows and of course design books!
I’m loving Cameron Diaz’s Kelly Wearstler designed space and Molly Sims laid back abode.

Great layered pillows and poufs. She looks so pretty.

 On a side note:

I can’t afford the faucet I want…boo
I might just go with something a like this instead! I also am going to install smaller backsplash tiles much like Molly’s.

That window!? Fab!


I’m hopping on a plane in a bit for my ACE Hardware design expert position. We’re brainstorming our 2014 color picks for the Clark+Kensington paint line!! Fun, fun!!
Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on in my world this week…..
I’m using these fabrics for pillows on a beautiful project. They’ll be placed on a charcoal sofa. I’m liking the “off” colors.
My boyfriend and I took my kids to the “world famous” Marshfield Fair last week..good times!! I’m still a fan of the old school rides…..
I’m thinking I need to add a cornice to my window treatments in my bedroom design.
I’m purchasing a pair of these leopard beauties from Furbish Studio for my living room design.
My entire house is painted!! YAY. I went with the shade on the left in the living room and down the hallway!! It looks dramatic, I’m loving it! I can’t wait to share some sneak peeks with you all!!

I’ll be in meetings all day tomorrow so I won’t have time to post!! Happy Weekend!! xx