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We all know how crazy life can get, throw a few kids into the mix and it is pure insanity. The appointments, games, parties and paper work alone can make your head spin.
If you don’t have the space to create a super organized desk area in the kitchen similar to the three pictured here, you will need to carve out a smaller (or tiny) area in your kitchen to house all this “stuff” neatly. 
Here I’ve shared some inspiration and below is my little area that I plan to transform. My words of advice would be to keep it as simple as possible. Often when an area is over designed and too complicated it tends to get disorganized quickly. A tack board, message area, calendar, some pins and possibly an “in box” for mail should do the trick! I also like to keep items and a place to store push pins, staples, pens and paper clips close by.

Here is a picture of the sad little corner in my kitchen that I am going to turn into an area to organize my children’s monthly calendar of events, appointments, artwork, invites, recipes, etc. I’ll be sure to show the after photo. Below are some ideas and thoughts of where to purchase what you need.  I also like See Jane Work for items.
I find Pottery Barn has a good selection of wall organizers and pin boards. Purchase this here

This is similar to mine in the image above.
Purchase here

Framed cork board. (one piece)
Purchase here

Decisions, decisions

Isn’t this a great idea?? If you have the extra space {or closet} why not convert it into a dressing nook? I would also add drawers for all my baubles, bags and scarfs. I love the framed couture fashion bags too. {which I’d better frame, because I can’t say that I can afford much from Hermes or Prada.} How cute would this look painted a light shade of pink or better yet wallpapered in something simple but glamorous. I’ve been slowly transforming my bedroom into a feminine retreat. I can’t wait to share the finished shots but for today I have a question. I have a white lacquered tray, and plan to collect my perfume and creams in it.  I usually only own one or two fragrances at a time. I’m looking to make some fresh changes in my life, so buying a new fragrance seemed like a no-brainer to me, {especially because my husband gave me the one I currently use} turns out it isn’t. Here are three of the contenders below. I actually wear Hanae Mori now. It has a very clean scent. I know fragrances are quite personal but I’m stuck, and thought who better to ask then my fabulous readers, so what is your favorite fragrance? 

Burberry – Sheer

Top Image via: Moth Design


I’m not too keen on freezing my tail off, there’s really nothing fun about winter. {esp. this winter} With the exception of skiing on a perfect sunny, fresh powder day or the first fresh snow I’d take our three other seasons any-day. I’m surviving this especially long winter with small projects. I can’t drop a ton of cash on large renovations nor do I plan on staying in this current house for too long so instead I’m working on small projects that can easily come with me! {besides a little painting}. Next up: organizing my jewelry collection. I love both ideas shown here, but I might opt for hiding some of my treasures in a small vintage table, and the rest on top of my dresser {away from curious, tiny hands}. I adore the coral, tray and bust idea in Susanna Salk’s house, shown above.. via Rue Magazine
Ikea also sells lucite trays with dividers, that may do the trick!
Top Photo: Vogue

Think Vertically

My life has been a whirlwind this month..for reasons I can’t even begin to get into I may be moving within the next year. I actually want to move in next year, to a smaller, cozier home. I will need to refine my belongings, {my kids toys}, and get creative with storage. Thinking vertically is key to using space efficiently. I love how tall bookshelves can house most of your books, magazines, beautiful art and objects. I prefer to mix all of these. Built in books shelves are even better then free standing shelves but if you’re living in a temporary space or renting you can still mount free standing tall bookshelves to the wall for the same effect/storage.

Images: I Suwanee, ?, ?, Elle Decor, I Suwanee, Domino,