Off and running today…I am visiting a custom furniture maker (one of my favorite things to design) to check in on the progress of two amazing pieces, then to another appointment and finally trying to squeeze in a little back to school shopping with my seven year old son (who is becoming very opinionated about his clothing choices, are you finding this??) before having to race to pick up my daughter at child care.

One element that separates a strong designer from the rest is being able to pull together a cohesive story, this is especially true with marketing and graphic designers. I came across these collateral images today. They tie in beautifully with the store front and all facets of this floral business. Well done!

Have a great one! xx
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and the store front!

Sponsor Welcome – Dani Notes

I am excited to share my latest sponsor with you! Dani Notes stationery carries an array of adorable paper goods including birth announcements, personal notes, return labels, and birthday invitations. Dani will work closely with you to customize your personal needs. Her designs are classic, graphic and colorful. She also carries personalized i-phone covers, melamine plates and platters and an array of party ideas.  I love supporting shops on Etsy, so check out her site today, she won’t disappoint!

A passion for paper

I have a love of all things stationery/paper related. I think it’s important to stay connected to people on a personal level. When I receive a hand written note or invitation I always appreciate the sentiment and time spent that goes into actually sitting and writing a quick letter or note. I’m currently loving Gadabout’s illustrated note cards. Check out more of Hanna’s work on her site here. She can custom design anything you’d like. hmmm I’m thinking a custom designed 1st b-day party invite may be in order for little Emerson later this winter. A pink dress, red polka dots……i’ll keep you posted.

If you prefer to send a digital note or card ( I am definitely not implying that I would never do this, because I am a bit of a technology junkie too.) Hanna launched a cool i-phone application called POST that allows you to send a last minute dinner invite or card via email or SMS. The application will be live this week for i-Pad users…very clever indeed!!!! click the link below for more details.


Friday Finds – Holiday Cards

It’s that time year {which I can’t really believe} to spread holiday cheer! Here’s a round up of fabulous holiday cards…some of these companies require custom orders before 12.1!

Elum Designs – I just love their selection + of course the beauty of letter press!!

They also create custom cards…

Smudge Ink

Martha Stewart via Fine Stationery