Shelter Loves…

It’s amazing what a 45 degree Friday can do for your state of mind! We’re cooking with ideas over here at Shelter….Here’s what I’ve had my eye on this week. If you’re looking for more inspo and you don’t follow me on Pinterest, find me here

1. I have naturally wavy hair and may try to embrace the curl more. I’m going to try this with my barrel roller iron. Her hair is fabulous!!
2. + 4. I have been obsessed with Pyne Hollyhock fabric for some time and need to find a project for it! It was originally used by the great Albert Hadley in the early 1960’s on his client Nancy “Princess” Pyne’s home in New Jersey. It still feels fresh today.
3. AMEN.
5. Yes, ruffles are still hot for Spring! I’ve been eyeing this sweater for a while. It may need to come and live in my closet. 
6. I don’t think I’m a candidate for a capsule wardrobe but I do need to refine my closet and purge anything I haven’t worn in two years! I want to organize my things so I can ACTUALLY see my clothing….Image via
7. Jules always looks adorable. I love how a casual outfit can still feel uber chic.
8. Okay, so my parent’s got these wonderfully yummy caramels as a gift. (I would know, I ate about four) They are hand crafted using the milk from 40 of the most adorable goats (I have a soft spot for goats) in southern Vermont. Their branding, the couple’s concept and the farm all look perfect. I plan to visit “Big Picture Farm” with my children on one of my trips up North this Summer!! (more photos of the farm below)

People and places like are what make Vermont feel like my home away from home!! (insert heart and prayer hands)

Shelter Loves

Thank god for Fridays! (insert prayer emoji).  In keeping with my life, my week was a little cray but I am thankful for that. Busy weeks mean more fabulous clients and healthy kids, all good things in my book. Here is what has been on my radar…..I LOVE finding inspiration in everyday life, so if you see something you are dying to share never hesitate to drop me a line or an email with something great!
Wishing you a fabulous and peaceful weekend…

Here we go….

1. Hand woven tapestries like this one from India will infuse your interior with depth and interest. What is really better than something hand made?? I would hang this on a dark wall for contrast.
2. This image resonated with me..First off, I wear my hair like this all  most of the time and her outfit looks like something I would wear to hang out on the weekend. Oh and I start every morning with a hot cup of green tea…
3.  How fun are these??? Resort wear anyone?? Find them here.
4. A simple thought with powerful results!!
5. Okay, I need to google research to see if magnolia leaves would actually survive two weeks in New England but I love the idea of having these beautiful greens woven into my wreath. (have I mentioned I love natural holiday decor?) Purchase this wreath on Etsy here.
6. This stewart plaid shirt is pretty cute, love the way they have it styled here!! (not sure I am the bow tie type though)
7. A bank of windows above a sink opens up a kitchen beautifully. If I get the chance to build or rehab a larger someday, this is something I will do!

Shelter Loves – Monday edition…..

Hello November! I’m not sure how you already arrived but I am actually excited to embrace the colder weather and holiday season this year.  Friday was bananas and I am taking care of a sick child, so here is a late afternoon Monday edition of all the goodies and greatness I am loving right now!

1. There is something soothing about this time of year. I cherish the moments of snuggling on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, next to a warm fire with my kids, boyfriend or kitty. (and sometimes all four)

Pendleton has a fabulous collection of blankets, find them here

2. We all have “wish lists”…Visiting the French Alps is pretty close to the top for me, especially during ski season.
3. A good friend of mine told me to rent and watch the 2015 version of Cinderella with my daughter. We watched it last night, the overall message was wonderful. I attempt daily to instill the importance of kindness and courage to my children.
4. I adore beautifully wrapped gifts. I also have been drawn to over sized doors and clean white clapboards. I plan to buy my paper early this year.
5. Cozy boots are a go to for me. These Mou booties are precious. Purchase them here
6.  I love a layered bar set up, this image is welcoming and fun! I just restyled my own bar with an over sized lacquered tray…it is so functional during the holidays, I may host Thanksgiving again this year. Image via: One King’s Lane.
7. We are having a cabinet painted Jade Green for a project tomorrow…Jade is a wonderful shade to wear this time of year..Similar bracelet here, wearing a number of slightly different bracelets stacked together creates an impactful look!

Shelter Loves…

Hola, I’m keeping things short and sweet around here today! I snuck in a “chill” yoga class with my friend Tammi this am! I need to do that more often. I’m feeling relaxed and colorful today. Here is what is on my radar this week. Happy Friyay!

1. It’s sweater and fair isle season. I would wear this Boden version in a smaller size with skinny jeans and great flat boots.
2. I was sorry to miss Eddie’s book signing last night at Hudson. I had a birthday dinner so I could not make it!
3. Ahhh, yes! Or at least throw the room off with something unexpected! 
4. I wear glasses to drive. In fact my night vision seems to be getting worse. eek. I need a new pair of glasses and am going to try the free at home trial with Warby Parker. The prices are right and I would rather not feel rushed at a store. I am kinda liking the Baxter and the Jennings. Heavy glasses over power my face, these feel a bit lighter.
5. + 6. Okay so I am slightly obsessed with team Gen + Ben’s style. Their colorful and graphic designs really resonate with me. Check out the duo’s amazingly creative firm here and their home feature on One King’s Lane here. ONE WORD: GAH!!

Shelter Loves (a rare Monday edition)

HELLO, HELLO. I am back! I ended up getting struck down by that damn stomach bug on Thursday. So I honestly could barely get out of bed on Friday. What’s worse than “that” bug? I say not much! It’s been kicking my butt since I was a kid……

Here is what is making me happy today!! Cheers to a fabulous week. I could certainly use one, how about you!?

1. Have I mentioned I live for the beach? Pretty much everything about it is my therapy. The water warms up here in August, so I am looking forward to going swimming. (this is not me 😉
2. And this suit?? Kiini is the label and Ipek Irgit is the designer.
3/5  Lee Kleinhelter does it again!! Her new amazing home is featured in this month’s Atlanta Home’s magazine. Look how fabulous her closet is!!! Wonderful job Lee! I also adore her store Pieces too. ( I wish my bedroom looked as chic as her daughters)
4.  This is pretty much a staple look for me. I would however like to know where this shirt is from. I like how the sleeves stopped the stripes 3/4 of the way up.
6. So True! (I’m gonna bold this one)
7. Isn’t this a pretty little number??