Shelter Loves..

I thought I’d start off the week with some of my recent favorites!  It’s starting to feel like Fall around here for sure!!

1. This ring is fit for a princess or queen ;). Order it here.
2.  I live in little booties from Fall-Spring. When I’m running around for work, a lower heel just makes more sense. I love wearing grey because I can mix it with virtually any color. – Joie Bootie here.
3. ‘Tis the season of cozy sweaters, leather pants, and plaid! (which is very hot this fall btw!!)
4.  Amen
5. I’m loving the tortoise mirrors and these chairs! (via Domino)

Cheers to a happy, healthy week!!! Anything will be better than last week I think!!

Shelter Loves….

Wow, my plan was to blog everyday this week and then life sort of took over. I’ve been hit with bronchitis and one of my dear friend’s mom’s passed away. Both keep things and my thoughts in perspective. Here’s what I’m loving and my thoughts this week!

1. These pistol booties from acne. They look adorable on and may be well worth the splurge. (my friend’s cousin was wearing them yesterday and they look adorable with a short dress)
2. This zip back tunic is a great wardrobe staple. I’d pair it with skinny jeans and the pistol booties.
3. How cool is this brass plated shelving? Brass just makes everything look more glamorous! via Martha Stewart.
4. + 5. My boyfriend and I have decided to keep Valentine’s day simple. No gifts, no frills. We’re going to hear a band with another couple and I might make some yummy baked cookies. Loving this ombre frosted cake and these homemade heart cookies.
6. !!! = Losing a parent has got to be one of life’s toughest experiences. My heart goes out to my good friend Julia and her family. You’ve been so strong Julia! I’m so proud of you. I’m sure your Mom is watching over you right now. xoxoxo
7. Sara Gilbane proves even small spaces can look fabulous. I’m loving this deep blue cobalt trim and cozy little bedroom!


Runway to Room

Good Morning. I’ll admit, I’m fried. I’ve been packing for my move all weekend and don’t have much time or brain power for a post today. I’ve definitely decided after tossing and donating a boat load of stuff that living simply is the way to go from now on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the business of making things look beautiful and I love living in and love helping others live in gorgeously furnished and designed homes but be sure to just make smart, long term purchases that are both gorgeous and functional. It all goes back to the William Morris quote for me: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” and that goes for your wardrobe choices too loves. 

I’m loving all the colors of Fall right now as pictured below. 
These shoes (on Bee’s feet above) are popping up everywhere. Aren’t they gorge? Find them here.

image top left: Atlantic-Pacific blog

pretty in pink

Light fixture available through Currey and Company

I’ve found that since I’m no longer married (or soon to be “not”married) that I’m more drawn to the color pink then ever before. Maybe it’s that after living with a man for years, I can do whatever the hell I want around my house. ( I will say that my ex didn’t care much what I did around here to be honest ). I’m not thinking of painting (when I move) my entire place pink or anything but pops of the color, especially subtle warm hints, will most likely make the cut!  I guess what I’m truly loving right now is the freedom to do what ever I want and to answer to nobody. I wouldn’t want to live solo forever, but for now it’s working out just fine! Here I’ve shared some of my favorite “current” pink moments! Enjoy.

Pale pink sofa and pillow a la Kelly Wearstler, plus that lamp is killer.

This pink rug from ABC home is divine!

I love the shades of pink in this artwork!! Amaze!

I love everything about this image!
Ombre wall in shades of pink!
How sassy would you feel in this jacket? I think, very!