In a perfect world I would have waited to find the perfect faux bamboo cabinet to repaint, but I really wanted to find and finish a piece asap. Here’s my Craig’s list find, it needs a lot of love, but that’s the fun part!! I love the fret work detail over the glass windows. I will share the after shots. I do know this, I’m definitely painting it a high gloss white and I’m either going to wall paper or paint the interior {possibly a coral pink color}! I’ll be sure the share the after shots with all of you. In the meantime here’s a bit of interior inspiration.
I adore this one!
images: pinterest, lonny mag. elle decor, coastal living

searching for…

My 15 month old daughter is a climber. Currently she’s taken to climbing the open shelves in my kitchen, so I need to make a change quickly. It’s not safe for her or my dishes. I’m on the hunt for a “find”. The perfect piece would have a {Chippendale – esque} feel and with glass front cabinets. I would love to line them in something similar to the Griffin and Wong paper pictured below!! {as you’ve most likely noticed I love green and this paper is gorgeous!} I actually found a piece on Craig’s list last week. I even traveled to see it but it needed quite a bit of work. I’m not sure I have the time to cut new veneer pieces. I’m most likely going to paint it, so If I’m thinking about that particular piece in a week, I’ll call them back. It looked very similar to the second image but it was a cabinet not a secretary. I’ll be sure to share my final find and the before and after photos.

 Images: Windsor Smith, Ruthie Sommers, C. Bell, Circa Who, Griffin and Wong

Inexpensively done!

I adore one of a kind pieces of art, the only issue for me is the budget. Would I love to scoop up every piece of art at my favorite gallery? You bet, but that’s not an option right now. {I’m saving for my bungalow by the sea, remember?}. It will be an amazing feeling when I can buy an original but for now I get creative.
Here are some of my favorite ways to inexpensively incorporate art into your home.

1. Image one: Purchase from a budding artist
The adorable dog photo is my newest piece. The students at Endicott College recently had an art show. I fell in love with that dog and I knew my son would too.  I bought this photo from an art student, students are always up for selling their pieces.

The top image was purchased from a street artist in Saint Tropez. I always try to purchase at least one original piece when I travel. Besides taking photos it’s the perfect way to preserve the memory of your trip.
2. Image two: #3Paint your own work of art.
This was originally a four that I had painted back in September. One of the first things I did after my break-up in October was to change it to a three! I actually like the three better. I will keep this forever as reminder of my crazy and unexpected journey in 2010. Seven months is a relatively short period of time, but I’m a different person today then I was last Fall!
3. Image three: Frame children’s artwork – It’s loose and free, I love it.
 A snap shot of my art wall. This wall is a mix of pieces, it includes two paintings by my three year old son!
4. Image four: Frame a piece of block printed wrapping paper or any other found graphic you love.
I’ve always loved the organic quality of Faux Bois. I purchased this paper with the intention of wrapping a gift, but I decided to frame it instead. p.s. Ikea sells a number of inexpensive frames, that
is what I’ve used in this photo.
5.  Image five: Shop on Etsy for art. It is an amazing online resource.
I blogged about this print a couple of months ago. It’s from Siiso via Etsy. She will also make custom prints on canvas. 

Images: 2,3,4 -by Bellini Photography

Decisions, decisions

Isn’t this a great idea?? If you have the extra space {or closet} why not convert it into a dressing nook? I would also add drawers for all my baubles, bags and scarfs. I love the framed couture fashion bags too. {which I’d better frame, because I can’t say that I can afford much from Hermes or Prada.} How cute would this look painted a light shade of pink or better yet wallpapered in something simple but glamorous. I’ve been slowly transforming my bedroom into a feminine retreat. I can’t wait to share the finished shots but for today I have a question. I have a white lacquered tray, and plan to collect my perfume and creams in it.  I usually only own one or two fragrances at a time. I’m looking to make some fresh changes in my life, so buying a new fragrance seemed like a no-brainer to me, {especially because my husband gave me the one I currently use} turns out it isn’t. Here are three of the contenders below. I actually wear Hanae Mori now. It has a very clean scent. I know fragrances are quite personal but I’m stuck, and thought who better to ask then my fabulous readers, so what is your favorite fragrance? 

Burberry – Sheer

Top ´╗┐Image via: Moth Design