sneak peek

Between packing for my move (The truck arrives bright and early next Thursday -eek) my little ones and my business I’m running like crazy right now. In fact I’m heading out the door for a meeting right now but before I left I wanted to share a little peek at a wonderful project I just finished up. The clients were an absolute pleasure! Sorry I can’t show more of this job, I had it photographed on Monday! You’ll see the entire room soon enough! Have a great day, rain and all!

Sneak Peek – Project

Here’s a little sneak peek of a project I’m designing in Boston. This client has been a complete pleasure to work with, she and her husband take risks and have fabulous taste! What’s better then that? The cube and chair pictured were custom designs by me and are going to be added to The Shelter furniture collection this Fall! I was thrilled at how they turned out. I’ll of course post the final photos of this wonderful home once it’s completed! 

Sneak Peek – Shelter Project

Hello, hello. It’s been a busy week. Sorry for the late posts..I had an install this morning! Installs are always a bit nerve wracking of course because I want everything to turn out perfectly. Here’s a peek (I quickly snapped these with my i-phone) at an amazing job I’ve been working on! These clients are a pleasure. I need to finish the project up with accessories and artwork but we’re almost there. A number of the items were custom designed by SHELTER. The rug was a custom size (it’s a Kelly Wearstler pattern) as was a number of the furniture pieces (ex: the family room ottoman), the window treatments and of course the pillows! I’m going to have it professionally shot soon and will surely share those photos. (but only after they’ve been submitted to a publication first!). Happy (almost) Friday! xx.