Room of the week – Refresh

It’s been a busy week, and as you can see my blog design is still in the works! It should be wrapped up soon. Boston is still very grey, I’m anxiously awaiting for some sign of Spring. I love the simple palette of green and white used in this room. It’s so clean and fresh. I think I would sleep very peacefully here, don’t you? 

source: as noted.

Craving Color

With Spring just around the corner I’m craving a bit more color in my life! I’m ready to tuck away some of the charcoal and black in my closet in lieu of pink, yellow and crisp white! The wall color on the image above is gorgeous. I just recommended a similar shade for the interior door in my sister’s bathroom. The color I suggested was Warm Springs:  by Benjamin Moore. I’ve used it before in a client’s home office. It’s gorgeous and instantly cheers up any space.
A shot of Mrs. Lilien’s jewels. I’d have to agree with her advice here. “Accessorize with abandon”!
These wallet clutches are perfect for the lady on go. Ladybird fashion will also add your monogram at no charge. This may be a future purchase in my life.
I’m loving the shift dresses shown this season!! The lines and proportions on this Michael Kors version are perfect. 

side note: I had a designer working on my blog header. I was so excited and have been waiting for MONTHS to have it finished up. I may need to switch gears and have someone else finish and launch my design… This is beyond frustrating as I’ve already paid for the job!!! Ugh.
Hopefully I’ll have something new and colorful soon….

Image one: Lonny, others as noted.

Surely Chic, {room of the week}

Celerie Kemble certainly didn’t hold back when designing the model apartment for N.Y.’s upper east side Manhattan House. I especially love the dramatic foyer and living area! These rooms aren’t for the faint of heart but they do prove you really can’t go wrong with black, taupe, gray and white..{she throws a hint of coral in to break things up, well done Celerie – adoring your work lately!}

images: luxurist