The following day…

Can you even begin to imagine how it would feel to win an oscar?  Often times I admire the lives of the rich and famous, although I’m not sure how happy a person can be living in a world without privacy. {maybe I could get used to it} What do you think about last night’s results? It’s fun, if only for a few hours to be swept away with “their” world.

 The above photograph of Faye Dunaway was taken in 1977 by photographer Terry O’Neil, Dunaway’s then long time boyfriend. Dunaway is relaxing by the pool at The Beverly Hills Hotel the day after she won the oscar for best leading actress in The Network.
What do you think is running through her mind?

While I’m on the topic of Terry O’Neil, I thought I’d share, a fabulous photo of Brigitte Bardot. The first shot is the original photograph by O’Neil, below is the image blown up in a private residence! I would love to incorporate one oversized photograph by a famous photographer into my home design someday.

image: New England Home

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had an amazing time on girl’s weekend in New York this past weekend, although two days is never enough. I’ve decided that I WILL live in NYC for at least a year at some point in my life. It may be in 20 years, but I will do it! 
I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day! This will be my first one solo in a LONG time but I’m going to be thankful for all the love in my life; especially the sweetest of all, my children. Enjoy! 
xx, Julie
image: flickr.

I’m doing anything I can to mentally escape this frigid winter and the five feet of snow outside my window. I thought I would share some random pink prettiness.
– I love everything about this photo of Jackie O. – The color scheme is very close to my daughter’s room. {which I’m slowly finishing}  I also love the quality of light in this image.
– The second image is sort of the direction I am heading in for my own feminine retreat.
– Lastly, words to live by – Audrey Hepburn.
Happy Weekend.
xx, Julie

warm and fuzzy

{would this not look adorable framed in a bedroom? – I’ll let you know what i find}

My plan was to post something entirely different today but I awoke to a beautiful three inches of snow.  I love the power of an image. I try to begin my day on a positive note, these images certainly set the tone for me today! This time of year is so magical isn’t it? {aside from the craziness}