Spring cleaning and a book recommendation!

‘Tis the season to clean, donate and organize your home. I’ve been spending any spare time on the weekends trying to organize, not only my life (haha) but also my abode. As I’ve mentioned my house is small (it’s just the kids and I) so small home = small closets. I dream of having a large walk in closet again someday. Every Spring I find it helpful and actually calming to get rid of things I don’t wear or use. I de-clutter and re organize. In some cases I need to actually organize the area, like my linen closet, for example. This brings me to my next point, I found it helpful to read a book from a pro on the matter. Some people have organizing down to a science, so I was thrilled to receive a copy of Jane Stoller’s book: Organizing For Your Lifestyle. Jane’s book is a fun, well thought out guide to organizing all aspects of your life from your socks to your suitcase. 
A well organized life can truly transform your state of mind, stress and success level! I’m personally very organized with some things and not so much with others. I’m excited to set the inspiration I gained after reading Jane Stoller’s book into action. I started with my coat closet last weekend and I’m moving onto my bedroom closet and linen closet this weekend. Next up: will be my bills and basement! Organizing For Your Lifestyle is arranged into common themes to help you organize your home. From the kitchen to the bathroom, Stoller shares ideas, advice and inspiration to help you lead a happier and healthier life. There’s also a special chapter for travel because packing properly for a once-in-a-lifetime trip will make it much more enjoyable!! Purchase the book here

 And now some visual inspo of how some seriously organized spaces look:
Yes, I could keep this bedroom closet organized by color very easily!!
I have changed over to mostly felt hangers, everything actually stays in place on them! 

Love how Gen organized her jewels! I only really wear what I can see!

I need to purge my small closet after looking at this image!!

Command Central

We all know how crazy life can get, throw a few kids into the mix and it is pure insanity. The appointments, games, parties and paper work alone can make your head spin.
If you don’t have the space to create a super organized desk area in the kitchen similar to the three pictured here, you will need to carve out a smaller (or tiny) area in your kitchen to house all this “stuff” neatly. 
Here I’ve shared some inspiration and below is my little area that I plan to transform. My words of advice would be to keep it as simple as possible. Often when an area is over designed and too complicated it tends to get disorganized quickly. A tack board, message area, calendar, some pins and possibly an “in box” for mail should do the trick! I also like to keep items and a place to store push pins, staples, pens and paper clips close by.

Here is a picture of the sad little corner in my kitchen that I am going to turn into an area to organize my children’s monthly calendar of events, appointments, artwork, invites, recipes, etc. I’ll be sure to show the after photo. Below are some ideas and thoughts of where to purchase what you need.  I also like See Jane Work for items.
I find Pottery Barn has a good selection of wall organizers and pin boards. Purchase this here

This is similar to mine in the image above.
Purchase here

Framed cork board. (one piece)
Purchase here

Order Please!

The holidays were sort of a whirlwind, love them but I’m also ready for my routine again. There’s something reassuring about starting fresh in the New Year. I mean realistically not much changes between the 31st and the 1st but the concept of a clean slate and new year is always motivating for me! 2012 was really a great year personally. I grew, healed, moved, landed a great new contract with Ace Hardware. I could go on but I think you get the picture. I’m hoping to keep the momentum going and top it all off in 2013! As you know my number ONE priority besides being the best mommy I can be and growing my busy biz, is to find a house! I’m craving order. 90% of my belongings are in storage. I don’t miss much, so I’ll most likely have a second round of purging when I do find a house! 
I loved Cassandra of Coco and Kelley’s New Year Post. She selected a word that sets the tone for her year ahead. Read all about it here..it was an inspirational idea and I’d have to say most of what she shared resonated with me! I wanted to do the same and chose a word. I kept coming back to one simple word. ORDER. I want to create order in all facets of my life! I’m in transition, which can be pretty unsettling. 2013 is going to be about accomplishing tasks and instilling organization. When I finally discover a little home, that too will serve as a fresh, clean starting point. I intend to try my best to keep my home and belongings refined and arranged. ORDER = BALANCE and BALANCE = PEACE. I will always own and be drawn to pretty objects, books, dishes, shoes etc etc. but I want to keep things buttoned up but gorgeous, much like these images do! Have you thought of a word to channel for 2013?

thoughts on home – 9.17.12

Hello loves. I hope you had a great weekend. I don’t have much time to read my favorite blogs (side bar) never mind discover newbies but the other day I stumbled upon A House in the Hills. You may have seen these images on Pinterest or somewhere in the blogosphere but it was too fantabulous NOT to post! I LOVE jewels and baubles. Again, another pinterest obsession of mine but my collection (not as amazing as Sarah’s) has gotten a bit out of control and is surely a tad disorganized!! I’m drawn to creative people so I got swept up with Sarah’s blog for a while one morning. If you’d like a visual treat, be sure to look for her blog post on her gorgeous wedding photographs, dress, day etc. It’s inspiring (even to a girl who is “almost” – 3 weeks and counting divorced.) I love, to know that “true” love exists! I guess once a romantic, always a romantic! (and trust me that doesn’t mean I’ll be running down the aisle never mind dating seriously soon)

Sarah recently organized her jewelry collection. She did an amazing job, the details and sources are available on her blog. Her collection of baubles and jewels is beautiful isn’t it? Revamping my jewelry storage will be the first order of business for me when I move! I’m going to set it up in my dresser in my temporary digs, I figure it will be easy to move when I find my new nest. Stay tuned for photos!! Happy Monday. I hope it’s a great week for you. xx

beauty for your baubles

I adore these vintage looking dishes and own a couple myself, keep an eye out for them at yard sales this summer!!
Hello All. I REALLY hope to move this Fall. I’m going to make it happen! I’ve been organizing and purging around here. It feels great to get rid of bags of old clothes and a basement full of grad. school art projects that I haven’t looked at in eight years. It’s cathartic! I’m having a bit of an overwhelming week and could use an extra a few hours in the day lately! I spent late last night organizing and going through my jewelry. It’s a bit of an addiction, I love fun costume baubles, I always have and now that they’re trending, I really need to hold back on buying too many! Little porcelain trays are the perfect place to organize the baubles you wear the most often! Here are a few of my faves…Well I’m off, my two year old is squirming in my lap right now…..hence the short blog post. I’m trying to enjoy my little ones during this hectic time, I know they’ll be in school full time before I know it! 

These are adorable! Available here

I own this one from Furbish in black, white and gold and LOVE it!

All other dishes via C Wonder