Office Update – Shelter

Hello, hello!! We have been working away on a number of projects at Shelter but today I squeezed in some time to put together our new office boards. Don’t cringe at the before photos of the area – (images below). This is what we are working with for space. I can’t rip out the floor tile but I will be covering as much as I can with a rug. We are painting the walls a very pale grey and recovering the windows in simple woven shades. I may even custom order a large seagrass rug to lay under the black and white rug. I want to cover as much of the tile as possible!!

I wanted to create a clean, fresh office. I will be setting up a large inspiration board to tack fabrics and design ideas to. (I love Kelly Wearstler’s over sized board – image below). I also own a number of the items that we will be using. (I’m sort of a chair addict so I have collected a number of random chairs). I have linked to the rest of the items. This space will also be created on a budget. Meg (my fabulous design assistant), myself and Matty hope to finish it up by the beginning of May!!
I will be sure to share the after photos with you!

Painting the walls a very pale, pale grey. Clark+Kensington’s CW-C3

1.  Brass lamps
2. We will use a mix of vintage containers for our pens and pencils. Via Etsy and thrift shops.
3.  Melltorp Ikea table x 2 (using as desks)
4. + 5. I own two Eames chairs and will throw sheep skin rugs over them for comfort.
6. Hustle print
Ikea rug – Stockholm rug
7.  Storage baskets for samples and project fabrics
8.  Cheery artwork
9. Kelly Wearstler’s design boards
10. Smaller pin boards for business cards, calendars etc.
11. + 13 I own two chairs similar to these. We will use them around a round glass top table that I already own. This will serve as a meeting and secondary work area.
12. Two pillows to use on the wooden chairs. Loving these!!

Another project…….

As if working on pulling together my home isn’t enough. (and of course running a business along with a zillion other things) I thought I’d add another project to the pot. Don’t get me wrong I love my “design-related” lifestyle but I’ll be happy when I can completely cross a couple of “to do” items off my list! I’m getting close!

I need to set up my design office ASAP. I’m lucky enough to have a space to do this in. It just needs some love, paint and tweaking! As I mentioned, I’m thinking of going with fresh white walls and a simple carpet on the tile floor. I’ll be documenting the re-design on my blog. I’m always perusing magazines and websites……I came across Eva Chen’s, the new editor in chief of Lucky magazine’s office, and liked the fresh, stylish, lived in vibe! Happy Monday!

Oh and BTW I’ve settled on an English Roll arm sofa design for my living room. It’s unbelievably comfy!
 Read more about this space on domino magazine.

Talking tradition

I’d call myself a “transitionalist.” I love modern, forward thinking designs. I can’t help but ground them with a classic foundation. I often look to iconic designers such as Billy Baldwin, Albert Hadley, Dorothy Draper, and David Hicks for inspiration. I’m using this transitional time in my life to decipher how I’d like to live in my next home. I’d eventually like to venture out and set up an office on a quaint little main street in a town such as Hingham, MA.  Until then, I’m going to take over the dining room space to set up as an office.

Below are pictures of Bunny William’s and Charlotte Moss’s (first images) design offices. They are grand, functional, and yes, classic, but they are also warm, and inviting. These leading ladies have proven themselves as both forward thinkers and design icons.

I think an office should be functional and comfortable but should also embrace the designer’s vision.

Lastly, I’ve shared Betsy Burnham and Kelly Wearstler’s spaces. They are younger, fresher and hipper.

Shelter’s office will, of course, have a strong identity but will incorporate aspects of all four of the offices featured:  a large central table, check;  fabulous lighting, check; storage and more storage, check;  art, check; tack boards, check; vintage glamour, check.   I think you get the picture.

This entrance and central work table is perfection!!!

and then there are Kelly’s offices…glamour galore!! I’m impressed by the design empire she continues to build…

Thoughts on home

One of the most important spaces for me to bring to life this year will be Shelter’s design office! Since I’ve moved I have a temporary space set up but I definitely need lots of organization and creation space! My dream is to someday have a small space on a sweet main road in a town such as Hingham, Ma. but until then I’m thinking it’ll be housed in an extra room or even better = a large shed or detached garage on the property were I live. Don’t mind the pool table, this building would be ideal for an office. Kelly Rutherford’s sweet little space featured in Domino years ago comes to mind too. Here are some other ideas I’ll include..

A central meeting and work table would also be ideal, as would large wrap around desks that could seat at least 3! Myself, assistant and an intern!


or Little Black Desk! Well in this case, not all the desks are “little”, I decided to go with the title anyways. I’m currently eyeing black desks. You can’t really go wrong with a high gloss black finish in almost any piece of furniture or cabinetry. These desks would all steal the show in any room. You can’t drop a ton of money? Look out for vintage desks at flea markets and on the side of the road. A few cans of high gloss paint, work wonders for tired furniture!

I’ve had my eye on this little Regency, bamboo number ever since spying it in Lonny in 2010 (Christina Murphy Designs – image two). Find it here, by Hickory Furniture’s Mark Hampton collection.