Thoughts on home…landscaping

The weather is finally turning…so I’m starting to think about the outside of my house and the landscaping. (Yes, it needs love too).

First off, I’m going to put a fresh coat of paint on the outside of the house and the front door. See this post for color ideas and a peek at my little’ ole ranch. Luckily the sides of the house have shingles so I only need to paint the front. We are also going to refresh the walkway with slate and pea stone. Here are my thoughts on the photos above:

1. + 4. I’d eventually like to create a slate or brick patio in the back yard off of the three season room.
2. (top right) I’m going to go with a cool color palette mixed with white but I’ve always wanted to plant pink poppies so I plan to mix some in. I think they’ll balance nicely with white and pale, cool colors such as green and purples.
3. I love boxwood and will use that along with white flowers. Boxwood creates a clean, classic feel.
5. I plan to design beds that mix various textures and heights.
6.  This is an image of a updated ranch. I have a three season room off the back of my house that I’d love to turn into a family room at some point. I love the idea of adding windows on one side that face the side yard. I also have a yard off the side of my home.
7. Finally, I dream of having a pool someday. This classic pool and landscaping below is beautiful.

Thoughts on home…playroom

So my Dad has been an amazing help to me with my new home. Thanks Dad! He has been working on finishing up a downstairs playroom for my kiddies. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog but I had to give him a shout out!!

Matty (my boyfriend has also been a huge help) and I painted the space last night. Matty painted the walls a clean white color and I painted out a wall with chalkboard paint. Next up I’ll be devising my storage ideas and decorating the rest of the space. I’m ordering a simple cost effective cut pile rug this weekend and plan to frame some of the kids artwork at some point for the walls. Here’s some inspiration for your own designs. I tried to include something for everyone.

I love the idea of an art center/wall

Thoughts on home…..Bar/Dining Area: “before”

The next area in my new home that I’m tackling is this far wall in the kitchen. It is next to the dining table. Right now it is basically a BLANK (boring) slate. I painted the walls Clark + Kensington’s “Illumination” (a new color due out in Spring 2014) it is a warm white shade with pale grey undertones. If you read my blog with any frequency then you’ll recall I painted the main room and hallway a deep charcoal color.  In contrast to that area I wanted the kitchen and sun porch area to be a crisp, light shade.

I’ve decided to hang my over sized tack board on the far left wall. (see inspiration image) It’ll be a great spot for invitations, inspirational photos, a calendar etc. I’m also going to paint the wall under the tack board with chalk board paint. It will create a little contrast but they are also pretty functional. (and fun for the kids). I have two metal bamboo chairs in black (plus six more that need a coat of paint). I’m planning to place those on either side of the marble table pictured above. This is also the area that I’m going to set up my bar. (cause this mama likes a pretty cocktail set up).

Finally, I’ve ordered simple bamboo shades and am contemplating ordering this handblown glass light fixture in shiny nickel. (if I go with the nickel, I’m purchasing brass pulls for the kitchen cabinets)….I’ll be sure to post the after pictures in a few weeks! I can’t share all the details because I may be collaborating with a website/blog to feature a “final” reveal! But I’d love to continue to share some sneak peeks with you!

Thoughts on home…

I wanted to share today’s “new home” design choice with you. I’m going to install glass front doors on the largest cabinet in my kitchen. It will only house my mix of vintage and new dishes and glasses…Here’s a peek at some beauties, various shades and my final color choice! eek!! Tomorrow’s plan: Searching for my counter top choice!

Malachite Green shade by Clark+Kensington paint

Thoughts on home…

Happy Friday!! So my new home is slowly coming together! The walls are painted, the electrician is almost done, the kitchen is a mess (but I hope to finish that in the next six weeks or so). I also haven’t had two seconds to arrange any furniture. So please don’t look at these photos as a finished product!! I’m thrilled with the grey paint and the warm floors. (they are actually quite a bit darker in person than in this shot) but I didn’t go with ebony. I think that would have been too heavy with the walls. 
Today I’m contemplating the fireplace. I like natural brick if it’s actually constructed from nice old bricks and is in a historical home. The bricks in my house just aren’t working for me. (top photo) So the question is what color do I paint them?? I’m torn between black and white, but I’ve shared a couple other ideas! If I go with black, I’m planning to choose a matte finish. I’m thinking a large mantel that covered more of the brick is the way to go! I’m also eventually going to incorporate built ins. (love the look below) And of course I’ll switch out the screen etc…
white washed brick is pretty