Eye Candy

It’s no secret that I LOVE color and a bit of fun bling in my life!! Lately I don’t have much time to look through the slew of catalogs that roll into my house but yesterday I did set aside five minutes to fly through the J.Crew catalog. I’m currently loving their jewelry collection. The flower lattice necklace is just too adorable!! I also need a classic link bracelet! The bubble necklaces are well priced and are just a great staple! Oh and btw mother nature granted my wish, it’s going to be 93 in Boston tomorrow. I won’t make it to the beach but it will be nice to wear a sleeveless top or maybe a sundress .

On my radar

I must be mentally gearing up for the holidays..I’ve been drawn to all things bright, sparkly and beautiful lately. (see links below)
1. Red Joules Boots 2. Elva Fields Necklace – sorry, this one is on it’s way to my house (part of my garb for a holiday party) 3. Cory Renee clutch purse 4. A fabulous new pair of classic black heels 5. Amanda Pearl Ring – and any Amanda Pearl clutch or jewelry for that matter

Bamboo Bangle

I met a friend for drinks last week, she was wearing an adorable set of bamboo bangles by John Hardy. I can’t drop $350.00 on bangles at the moment, but I may be able to splurge on this faux gold set for $14.99! They look great alone, or layered with other bracelets. (this image above isn’t bamboo but this is the look of a simple bangle)

These would be my first choice!! Available here.
The $14.99 option!
John Hardy – through Neiman Marcus.
 top image via – Habitually Chic by the way of the pursuit of style. 2. Pinterest