Inspired: Equestrian Style

Stylistically I find I’m drawn to either classically chic designs with a graphic quality (think Aerin Lauder and Tory Burch’s homes) or something a bit more California Cool (think Kelly Wearstler, Betsy Burnham). I’d say equestrian style is a bit more classically inclined, with a definite North East appeal. Warm fires, worn leather, antiqued brass, cozy rugs and cashmere blankets are all on my radar this Fall. Here’s a bit of equestrian inspiration to kick off the weekend! Cheers!

wallpaper source

1/2/3/4*/5/6 (I’m in love with these horse photographs)
* for something similar


Exercise your right + Inspiration

It still blows my mind that the 19th Amendment wasn’t enacted until 1920! I consider my right to vote a privilege. Whatever your party affiliation, make sure to rock your vote today!! (that goes for the guys too) 

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

I also feel fortunate to be a woman running my own growing design business! Here are a few design icons in their creative spaces who I admire for their strong business sense, forward thinking, creative ideas and individualism!! 

Tory Burch ( I LOVE her office)
Windsor Smith
Aerin Lauder
Frances Elkins
Jenna Lyons
Estee Lauder and an interesting article about her beginnings!
An older shot of Kelly’s office
Kelly Wearstler in her current design studio
image via L.A. times

Inspired – Mario Testino

I love photography! In fact it’s on my bucket list to someday take a class and learn more about this art form. I’m very much looking forward to the Mario Testino exhibit at the MFA in Boston this Fall. He’s such a creative and influential force. (read more below) It opens on 10.21. I always feel a bit anxious this time of year. The past two Fall seasons have been ones of drastic change and heartbreak for me. I’m focusing on the positive and hoping this Fall will be quite the opposite and turn out amazing. I’m moving from my home, so on that front a big change is in store. This exhibit will definitely be a positive to look forward to. In fact I think I may use some of his work as a starting point and design concept for my new place. (which I need to find, something else causing me a bit of trepidation)

And to all of you who got your kiddies off to school for their first day today, hope it went well!!!

I’m looking forward and remembering: “let your faith be bigger then your fear” and everything will turn out okay!! even better then okay!

I would love to have one of his fashion photographs in my home!
All images from Mario Testino’s website.

Baby you’re a star!

As most of my readers know I’ve had a whirlwind of a couple of years..a cheating spouse, two kids under the age of four, a lengthy divorce, and many many crazy changes but I have to say as long as you and your family are healthy and you’re not going to be forced out onto the streets, everything works out!! And mark my words, it’s usually for the better!  I’m in a really good place right now on so many levels. (I’ve been to the beach more this summer then I’ve have in years – my personal escape).
I have a stressful couple of months ahead of me (so bear with me on the blog posts) but I’m staying positive that the direction I am heading is the right one for me and my children! I went house hunting on Friday. eeek. I really hope I can find something soon! I’m moving either way by mid-October so stayed tuned for the juicy and not so juicy details! (I came across this top image via Luella and June – it made my morning)
So If you are in a bad place or feeling not so great about yourself, please don’t forget that you’re a star and that everything is going to be alright!! You’ll be stronger because of it, promise.

Inspired – Clam Bake!

WOW, it’s amazing what you can get accomplished at midnight. I’ve been so busy lately that I decided to work through a good part of the wee hours of the morning and was then up at 5:15! It’s actually amazing what you can accomplish without any mid-day interruptions!

From the looks of my blog posts lately you can see where the non-work related half of my brain is! I just LOVE the summer and all it’s wonderfulness. When I find my cottage (hopefully getting close) I WILL absolutely restart the family tradition of a yearly Clambake! It doesn’t get much better then fresh seafood, cold beer and great laughs with friends and family! That’s what down time should be all about! Happy Summertime!