Photography: Sarah Winchester

Happy Monday. I hope this little sneak peek doesn’t frustrate you. I can’t show the entire room quite yet. This job consisted of a small powder room, a mud room and an entire kitchen renovation. The fabrics are from Peter Dunham, Starburst and Hable Construction. The rug, HomeGoods, believe it or not.

Rose Cummings – Zebrine in blue

I’ve also been working with a client remotely on another small, budget friendly kitchen renovation. She’s given the thumbs up to using Rose Cummings Zebrine in blue to line the back of bookshelves + also in a small mudroom. Whoo hoo. I love this wallpaper and may HAVE to use it in my own powder room someday.

Speaking of my own home..the search will resume and intensify this Spring. There hasn’t been much on the market. Remember I promised to show you what’s available for about $315,000 in this area.  Wish granted, here’s a sample of what’s out there. It’s not a bad little house, I could make it shine, the issue is it’s only 1050 sq feet with two bedrooms. I need three…

I thankfully caught fashion photographer, Mario Testino ‘s exhibit at the MFA this past weekend. It was perfection. From the lighting, to the photographs (obviously), to the wall color selected, to the frames..I loved it.
 On a final fashion note…I’ve decided to go to a Gala/fundraiser this Spring in honor of a friend and the local Boys and Girls club. I’m not sure of the exact dress code, but wouldn’t it be fun to have an excuse to buy a gown and dress up? Here are a few beauties I’d like to wear. 
Classic black lace with a modern silhouette, I’ve always loved Monique Lhuillier dresses. This form fitting one looks like it would be flattering on. 

I love navy when the shade is right. It also would work well with my light hair. This Michael Kors version is pretty.

You have to chose color wisely with gowns but for a Spring event this Emerald green dress nails it. Although I’d have to see how the pleats fall, I’m sure this model is a soaring 5’11”. (which I can be with heels) It’s also way out of my price range..but a girl can be inspired, can’t she?

or as my reader mentioned (see comment) I could go with a cocktail dress.. They’re sort of more my style and I’d wear it again…and again..here’s some gorge cocktail dress (+ skirt) inspiration. I would love to find a feathered skirt to wear with a sequin top. I ADORE all of these looks.

Order Please!

The holidays were sort of a whirlwind, love them but I’m also ready for my routine again. There’s something reassuring about starting fresh in the New Year. I mean realistically not much changes between the 31st and the 1st but the concept of a clean slate and new year is always motivating for me! 2012 was really a great year personally. I grew, healed, moved, landed a great new contract with Ace Hardware. I could go on but I think you get the picture. I’m hoping to keep the momentum going and top it all off in 2013! As you know my number ONE priority besides being the best mommy I can be and growing my busy biz, is to find a house! I’m craving order. 90% of my belongings are in storage. I don’t miss much, so I’ll most likely have a second round of purging when I do find a house! 
I loved Cassandra of Coco and Kelley’s New Year Post. She selected a word that sets the tone for her year ahead. Read all about it here..it was an inspirational idea and I’d have to say most of what she shared resonated with me! I wanted to do the same and chose a word. I kept coming back to one simple word. ORDER. I want to create order in all facets of my life! I’m in transition, which can be pretty unsettling. 2013 is going to be about accomplishing tasks and instilling organization. When I finally discover a little home, that too will serve as a fresh, clean starting point. I intend to try my best to keep my home and belongings refined and arranged. ORDER = BALANCE and BALANCE = PEACE. I will always own and be drawn to pretty objects, books, dishes, shoes etc etc. but I want to keep things buttoned up but gorgeous, much like these images do! Have you thought of a word to channel for 2013?

What I learned in 2012 + Cheers to a Happy, Healthy 2013!

I often try to sum up my year with what I’ve learned and accomplished. So here it goes…

In 2012 I learned:

1.  Change is a good thing. If you don’t like the direction your life is heading, change it! Take a risk, move, leave your job..etc. there’s nothing worse then doing nothing at all!
2. Time heals most wounds. My thoughts go out to all of those who have suffered tragedy in their life this year. If you have your health and a warm home most everything else will fall beautifully into place.
3. If something good comes along, grab it and hold on tight! I’m trying not to over think my life, it’s a waste of time, just go for it.
4. Some things do happen for a reason. I’m pretty excited about the new opportunities in my life right now. If my ex-husband had not cheated on me and our babies, and I had not ended our marriage, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t feel as happy, empowered, strong and at peace as I do today.
5. I’ve learned that after I speak my mind, letting it go is really the answer.
“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else, you are the one who gets burned.” Buddha
6. Think positive, think positive, think positive…it works!

Have a safe night, I’ll be lounging in an outfit like this with my sick children, and dining on a dinner of sesame chicken and crab rangoon..
Cheers and repeat after me…
Wishing all my readers a truly happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!! I love fresh starts and new beginnings! Cheers


Inspired: Street Style to dining

Happy Almost December. ‘Tis the season for entertaining so I thought an inspired dining post would be appropriate. When working with client’s I’m inspired by both their lifestyle and the world around me. I love this “street style” photo. Her entire look is fabulous as is the architecture, the color palette and the array of textures and light. The furniture boards below show two versions of dining room ideas based on this image. I’ve come up with two visions, when you switch a few items out, the room can take on a new life. In option one the light fixture and rug are the dramatic features, in option two it’s the deep smokey wall color that’s moody and eye catching. I LOVE emerald green and those leather covered chairs are to die for! I always try to incorporate one of a kind objects into my designs. It is the key to devising rooms with depth and interest. I’ve linked all the items below each design. Cheers, I’m excited to kick off the holiday season this year!
1= paint color match, Inspire Awe – 3058, by Clark+Kensington
1 = Paint color match, Colonial Shades – 5066 by Clark+Kensington
* 6 is the knock-off version of the Eero Saarinen table