Thoughts on home – Thanksgiving table update

Hello Loves! Today I’m sharing an update on my Thanksgiving preparations. I’ve got almost everything in order for the table. I’m purchasing the flowers tomorrow! Mind you this is a table on a “budget”, so I’m going to mix a couple different types and bouquets to get a custom look. Here I have shared some common Fall/Thanksgiving bouquets for inspiration……
 I am however going to mix my colors up a bit. I was out scouting over the weekend and think I am going to combine the two floral looks below. The orange roses will be deeper and richer in color. 
My kids and I also gilded pumpkins yesterday. They loved it and I was really happy with the results! The smaller pumpkins are going to be used as place setting markers and I may guild the stems today. 
I am using these dishes on top of my china. They are from a family collection and are Spode, pattern: Florence. I’m loving the fretwork pattern and brown color!! Finally I had a couple of people ask for the stuffing recipe I use. I mentioned it is from the old school Better Homes and Garden’s cookbook! I combine these two, double it and add a bit more spices and of course more BUTTER!!!
Bread Stuffing
3 Tablespns chopped onion  (I also use celery)
1/4 cup butter
4 cups bread cubes (about 7 slices of bread)
1/4 teaspn salt
1/4 t pepper
1/2 t poultry seasoning
1/2 t sage
2-4 T water or chicken broth
Cook onion and celery in butter.  Combine w bread and seasonings.  Toss with enough broth to moisten.  Makes enough for 3-4 lb chicken.  You have to at least quadruple the recipe.
Herb Stuffing
12 cups slightly dry bread cubes
1/3 cup snipped parsley
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
11/2 teasp salt
1 teasp sage
1 teasp thyme
1 teach dried rosemary ( more if you use fresh)
6 T butter
1 cup chicken broth.
Makes enough for one 12 lb turkey. I usually double this recipe  Also use celery.  And adjust seasonings to taste, often using a little more than the above recipes.


Off and running today…I am visiting a custom furniture maker (one of my favorite things to design) to check in on the progress of two amazing pieces, then to another appointment and finally trying to squeeze in a little back to school shopping with my seven year old son (who is becoming very opinionated about his clothing choices, are you finding this??) before having to race to pick up my daughter at child care.

One element that separates a strong designer from the rest is being able to pull together a cohesive story, this is especially true with marketing and graphic designers. I came across these collateral images today. They tie in beautifully with the store front and all facets of this floral business. Well done!

Have a great one! xx
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and the store front!

Shelter Loves

Happy Tuesday! I have lots going on in my life right now, so frankly I’m routing for a short and positive week around here!!! Here’s what’s on my radar today!

1. Ranunculus and peonies are hands down my favorite summer blooms!!
2. I need a new bikini. I think I’d like a navy one with white polka dots! (top link)
3. You just can’t beat outdoor living, I’m loving this cute little hanging seat with it’s mix of bohemian prints.
4. Tory Burch + pom poms!! Need I say more?
5. I love an organized life…I’m trying to perfect this concept! image via The Glitter Guide
6. I soo agree Tina… Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith and fabulous things happen!

Pink & Yellow

Pink and Yellow are the colors I’m using in my daughter’s bedroom! I’m so excited that I’m finally making some progress.  I’ve painted the walls, the rug is in, the light fixture is hung; I have quite a bit more to do but I plan to paint her dresser a bright shade of yellow this weekend. In a perfect world the easter bunny would set it up on Saturday night…We’ll see….
Here’s a little peek below, we didn’t show much in the photo shoot because the room isn’t ready!
images: ?, Canadian House and Home, Bellini Portraits.