Welcome Home!

My house hunt is in “full effect.” The market is tight but, I’m convinced I’ll find the perfect little abode soon enough. My search has got me thinking about homes in general but mostly about first impressions. Luckily, I’m able to drive up to a shabby place and envision the best. I feel blessed to have this ability especially with my budget.
The homes I’m scouting are about an 1/8 of the size of these but almost any home, no matter the dimensions, can be treated with love and made beautiful. My plan is to start with a classic foundation on the exterior paint color (in either light grey or crisp white) and then add a layer of interest and unexpected detail with either a detailed front door (image 1) or a pop of vibrant color.(image 5)
Your home should be a reflection of you, a welcome presence that greets you after a long day. From farmhouse to transitional to modern to classic this round-up of homes proves there is a look and style for everyone! Do you know your style? Or favorite look?

inspired: winter white

Although the temps have been in the 60’s (LOVE it) the past few days, I know what’s right around the corner. As I said last week I’m all for embracing the seasons right now. I read a great quote the other day, here it is: I’m trying to appreciate today and make the most of everyday. Okay enough with the Buddhism. One thing I really appreciate about the winter is a fresh coat of snow and the concept of warm, cozy white shades. Below is some winter white inspiration. I’m big on color, just look at my work, I love it but I can also appreciate a neutral interior. My new place (still figuring this out) will incorporate warm whites, gilded gold and lots of texture. I just adored Mark D. Sikes home in this month’s Lonny Magazine!! And that small cottage kitchen pictured in shades of cream is classic and fresh. The custom white hood and cabinets that extend to the ceiling are beautiful. I’ve also included all the links for the winter white outfit inspiration. The Stella McCartney scarf is so pretty and has gold flecks. (a bit out of my snack bracket unfortunately) Have a great day and cheers to a great week! xx


Runway to Room

I’m not sure where I’m moving to yet, but my mid Fall deadline is quickly approaching. I am getting my ducks lined up in a row, but that’s not going to stop me from pinning to my “new home” inspiration board on Pinterest. (feel free to follow my account!) I do know that I want my room to be comfortable, glamorous space space with a  Hollywood chic vibe! I’m thinking tones of camel, cream, white, gold, silver, white and black. I’m also going to throw a little deep and creamy pink into the girlie mix.