Why play it safe?

I say playing it safe is a bore, but that’s just my opinion. My home isn’t crazy but it’s def. not safe. I like when I stumble across a design or work with a client that isn’t afraid to take a few risks in their home. As I’ve said before it usually always pays off. I’m not sure I could live with a bright turquoise kitchen (like Veronica’s Swanson Beard’s pictured here) but the oversized mirror, turquoise dining room, fig trees, deep navy lacquered, and striped den walls are a def. WIN in my book and in this space! Also, how beautiful is her outdoor patio? Amaze! It’s dull and rainy here so I needed to be inspired by a dose of dare and color this morning! Take a design or fashion risk today, I dare you!  😉

These navy walls are perfection!

 Images: Harper’s Bazaar

Cottage Chic in Woodstock, VT.

Having just returned from a much needed girl’s weekend away outside of Woodstock Vermont, I was excited to read about the adorable Vermont cottage of restaurateurs Deirdre Heekin and Caleb Barber’s. The owners of this Italian lifestyle inspired home live in Vermont and operate Pane e Salute, a seven table restaurant and wine bar located in Woodstock. I love the unexpected, casual mix of color, texture, artwork and objects!
The couple’s creative work space!

This brightly covered duvet throws this brown and white room off a bit. Love it.
The couple turned a potting shed into a guest house.
What’s better then dining al fresco with friends and family?
 Images: House Beautiful

Work Spaces + The Details

Design is really about the details, so I continually focus on them. I am always rotating objects in my home… a new accessory here, a freshly painted piece there.. Rearranging your home keeps things updated but also saves money. I have a photo shoot at my home this week and the photographer asked me if she could snap a few photos of my office!! I’ll share my revamped inspiration board and any other “eye candy” when I receive the proofs.
images: House and Garden, ?, Lonny Mag, Pinterest, Lonny Mag, Rue Mag, Emily Henderson

Inspired – Stripes

So I’ve long loved the striped floors at the Kate Spade store, {LOVE}, they are so graphic and inspiring! Clearly so was the home owner above, what a great idea Kristin Kauffman had to create a similar stripe on her dining room floor. I love this colorful, glossy perfection! It’s kid friendly too. I can see my son using it as a race track now! Dare I try this if I move?? Looks like a lot a work but the end result is surely gossip worthy.

Image 1 – Fric and Frac blog via Better Homes and Gardens 2.11, Kate Spade, Kate Spade.

Consistency is key – Urban Refuge

Small digs? No problem. A tiny space can still look amazing and function well. This adorable condo beautifully proves that point. Let’s look at what they did to visually enlarge their place….

1.  Limit your color palette. The use of cream, copper, brown, white and coral is repeated throughout. The punches of color add interest and tie all the rooms together.
2. Varied Texture. They’ve mixed old and new, shiny + rustic, modern + classical. It helps to warm up this home and prevents the “one stop shopping” look.
3.  They’ve varied scale. One of the biggest mistakes I see when visiting a client’s home are issues with scale. More times then not homes are filled with a bunch of mid-sized things, they are usually the same scale, so the place just looks cluttered. Be sure to keep your eye bouncing around the room. Larger objects in a small space ALWAYS make the space feel bigger, just don’t forget to layer in smaller pieces!
4. Create points of interest, the entire space can’t scream for attention. I’m loving their unique finds; like the small wooden stool and gorgeous Suzani blanket.
5.  Both vertical and horizontal planes have been considered here! 

All images via: Golden Cage blog.